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Product Review: Synology for Network Storage

Today’s small businesses have many different options for network storage solutions; sometimes it might seem as if there are almost too many options and the choices can start to become overwhelming. But
Synology has built its reputation (and its entire business) by offering storage systems make your choices easier.

With a solution for every business, regardless of your size or demands, finding the one that is right for you becomes much simpler. And that means you can always be assured that you are getting the most efficient solution to manage your data.

Synology Leads the Industry Through Innovation

Synology’s position as a global leader in Network Attached Storage (NAS) comes from its ability to continue innovating both its software and hardware capabilities and provide a seamless end-user experience. Taking the best features of both public and private clouds, Synology has created a hybrid cloud solution that uses a web-based platform.

This innovative approach makes their NAS solutions more than just storage; their devices can fill a surprising number of roles in your company’s IT environment. With an eye toward the future, Synology designs each system for scalability to suit your growth and expansion.

The company offers both rack-mounted and desktop NAS systems, with the desktop systems providing solutions for home offices and smaller businesses. The server rack systems ensure storage capacity for small- to medium-sized businesses that need flexibility while maintaining an affordable total cost of ownership.

Synology’s top-quality products have become synonymous with energy efficiency and continuous service uptime, making their devices a popular and practical choice for businesses of all sizes. Compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms, the Synology line is comprehensive enough to provide storage for virtually every environment.

Here’s a closer look at three types of the NAS systems offered by Synology and what each one has to offer.

Synology J Series: Start Small, Think Big

Designed for a small business, home office or for personal backup, the J Series serves as Synology’s entry-level NAS offering. With one to four bays, it’s a good starter solution for data sharing, multimedia streaming and storage management.

The J Series is the company’s most cost-effective line, but it still performs like a champ, has excellent hardware and allows access to most DSM applications. Among its strongest features are its integrated security tools, desktop backup, file server management and multimedia management.

If you have limited needs, but are serious about data storage, backup and security, the J Series is an excellent introduction to Synology. And, if you decide to upgrade your hardware, the drives are movable.

Synology Value Series: High Performance, Low Cost

If you need a solution for an office workgroup — or for any SMB applications — the Synology Value Series is worth a closer look. Another good entry point for a small office, it is a step up from the J Series, both in terms of pricing and in capabilities.

The Value Series models support Windows Server, Citrix, OpenStack and Mac and Windows desktop operating systems, providing the kind of machine that delivers enterprise business-level capabilities to an SMB or home office setting.

For SMBs looking for the highest possible performance data storage on a budget, the Value Series offers a wide variety of bay sizes and storage capacities to make sure you have as much as you need without overbuying — or overpaying.

Synology Plus Series: Advanced Performance

The Synology Plus Series is excellent for small- and medium-sized businesses, as these devices are designed for growth. Specifically outfitted to grow along with your business, the Plus Series is an all-in-one storage solution with more advanced processing options than the J Series or Value Series.

You’ll find more to choose from in these models, including more memory and advanced processing options to meet your business demands. Their flexibility allows for expandable storage and provides better data management, security and backup performance.

The server and desktop features provide simple backup from all your devices, whether that means your server, PC, mobile tech or Mac. Models come in both the desktop DiskStation model and rack-mounted environments, and they have a number of features that can’t be found in either the J Series or the Value Series. Plus, all the models in this series support the Btrfs file system to allow enhanced performance in this all-in-one server.

Synology FS and XS Series: More Power, More Storage

If you need even more storage, Synology’s FS and XS Series devices have the kind of best-in-class features that allow you to manage multiple Synology NAS servers simultaneously through a centralized interface and a hyper backup that even allows for cross-version deduplication to accommodate storage of multiple backups.

With expandable memory and configurations for SAS, SATA and solid-state drives, this storage management solution is a flexible high performer that even allows for seamless transition of service between clustered servers in the event of a server failure.

The FS and XS Series devices also feature an all-in-one server to integrate all your web and network services as well as management applications into your NAS, and a collaboration suite with Synology chat, office and calendar to enhance private office communication. And, with Synology’s Cloud State Suite, you can automatically synchronize cross-platform data from all devices.

Synology’s variety of solutions allows SMBs to meet their storage needs with versatility and at a level they need. The emphasis on scalability ensures that your storage solutions grow with you and that you can get the exact performance you need.

To learn more about the Synology J Series, Value Series or Plus Series, contact our experts today at 1-855-AVENTIS.

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