Our History

In January of 2008, the weakening economy throughout the United States started to affect small and large businesses alike. Companies everywhere were forced to stretch their ever-tightening budgets while still satisfying their requirements for IT maintenance and growth. When Aventis Systems opened its doors with a mission to fill the need for affordable server hardware equipment, it could not have been at a more opportune time.

Hesam Lamei, Founder.

Small Beginnings

Hesam Lamei originally founded the company as an eBay store in which he sold Dell PowerEdge servers. Prior to launching Aventis Systems, Lamei operated another successful eBay business, Quality Rams, in which he sold memory for servers and PCs. During its 5 year tenure, Quality Rams developed a dedicated following on eBay which provided him with a strong customer base in which to launch Aventis Systems.

Lamei’s first hire was a Director of Information Technology, charged with developing the company’s infrastructure, hardware build processes, and technical support department. In September of 2008, Lamei hired a Director of Business Development with the dual purpose of building a direct sales team and establishing a marketing department and brand identity for the company. In October of 2008, Aventis Systems expanded into the HP ProLiant servers to provide a greater variety of options for our current customer base. By the end of that first year, to fill increasing consumer demand for quality refurbished equipment, Aventis Systems brought on an entire suite of business-class desktops, laptops, and workstations.

In January of 2009, Aventis Systems saw tremendous growth as we expanded from a single warehouse location to an additional sales and marketing office; we simultaneously grew web presence by launching the Aventis Systems website and continued to expand our footprint on eBay. With these channels in place, sales continued to climb, and by December of 2009, Lamei hired a Vice President to manage the direct sales operation.

This trend of upward growth continued into 2010 as we continued to hire and market our online channels. In April of 2010, Aventis Systems began selling new and refurbished Cisco equipment in order to provide a more complete business solution, consisting of networking equipment to complement the servers, storage, desktops and laptops already offered.

In April of 2016, the company launched an updated brand identity including a new logo, mission statement and company values. The purpose of updating the brand identity after eight years in business was to appropriately communicate the company identity that naturally evolved over the years with redefined business objectives along with expanded product and service offerings.

The mission at Aventis Systems is to work relentlessly with IT professionals to make their jobs easier; provide sound advice to meet technical and budgetary requirements; give peace of mind regarding infrastructure and cloud investments; and offer an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. The company values, including customer experience, proprietary process, technical support, company diversity and persistent improvement, together allow Aventis Systems to Get IT Done.