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Sell Your IT Equipment

Aventis Bucks Buyback Program

Do you have excess IT equipment? Sell used IT equipment to Aventis Systems, Inc. and receive Aventis Bucks! Aventis Bucks is the gold standard in buyback programs. Receive 50% more than the equipment's appraised value in Aventis Bucks and accrue up to 6% interest annually for up to 2 years on unused Aventis Bucks. Please review our Aventis Bucks Buyback Program for more information.

Aventis Bucks Terms & Conditions

Aventis Systems, Inc. ensures the Aventis Bucks program is hassle-free for our customers. A free evaluation of your IT equipment is just the start; shipping or pick-up of the equipment itself is on us as well! Please review our Aventis Bucks Terms & Conditions for more information.

Sell Your Equipment

Do you have used IT equipment that you want to get rid of? Please complete our Sell Your Equipment Form and our Purchasing Manager will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

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