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Sell Your IT Equipment

Aventis Bucks Buyback Program

Have you recently upgraded your servers, storage, desktops or laptops? If so, Aventis Systems could be interested in your older equipment. We’re interested in the current or previous generation of Servers, Storage Arrays, Desktops, Laptops, or Workstations from HP, Dell, or Lenovo. If your equipment piques our interest we’ll provide a cash value offer and an Aventis Bucks store credit offer which is typically worth 50% more than the cash value. Your Aventis Bucks store credit never expires and can be used towards the purchase of anything that we sell.

Aventis Bucks Terms & Conditions

Aventis Systems, Inc. ensures that the Aventis Bucks program is hassle-free for our customers. A free evaluation of your IT equipment is just the star and the shipping or pick-up of the equipment itself is on us as well!

Sell Your Equipment

If you have something you think we would be interested in and would like to sell your IT equipment, please email the following information to: purchasing@aventissystems.com.

  • Contact Information: Your name, company name, email, phone number, and the location of the equipment
  • Equipment: What merchandise are you trying to sell? (manufacturer, model and detailed configuration information)
  • Quantity: How much do you have?
  • Condition of equipment: (We will not purchase defective equipment)
You will be contacted by our Purchasing Manager within 7 to 10 business days.

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