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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting & Plans

Minimize downtime with our Virtual Private Server plans on Aventis Systems’ private cloud. Migrate your at-risk applications to offsite disaster recovery locations. Let Virtual Private Server hosting help your business connect over the same secure network, in which you get to manage the security, settings, and connectivity of your employees. Keep your systems safe, protected from malware, and the data of your team and your customers private with Virtual Private Server hosting from Aventis Systems.

VPS hosting application rollout takes hours instead of weeks with our staff of engineers, who have the knowledge to upgrade your systems effectively and efficiently. We have a VPS hosting plan to fit your business needs. Talk to an expert at Aventis Systems today!

Want to know more about how Virtual Private Server Cloud Disaster Recovery can protect your business?

Our cloud-based virtual server hosting plans keep your business moving forward. With features like continuous data protection, immediate failover in the event of an outage, one-touch date recovery, and scalability for the changing needs of your business, plus our exceptional customer service and support, it’s no wonder we’re a leader among managed VPS host companies. Check out our VPS hosting plans and secure your data today!

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Virtual Private Server Basic from Aventis Systems, Inc.
Choice of Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, or Linux
1 vCPU
50GB Performance SAS Storage
1 Public IP Address
1 Local vSwitch
Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer