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VMware Licenses

Aventis Systems offers various VMware licensing models for small to mid-size businesses looking to consolidate their IT infrastructure and management. All VMware licenses require a minimum of 1 year basic support and subscription (SnS) services. Our VMware products include this required 1 year basic support, with the optional upgrade to production or 3 year options. Can’t decide which license to choose? Please view our license overview at the bottom of this page, or click each product to review specific features. If you’d like to consult with our knowledgeable sales and technical teams, please use our Live Chat or call us at 1.855.AVENTIS (283.6847) during regular business hours, or email us at Sales@AventisSystems.com.

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VMware vSphere Essentials Plus from Aventis Systems VMware vSphere Standard from Aventis Systems VMware vSphere Foundation from Aventis Systems
Entitlement for up to 3 physical hosts and 96 total CPU cores.
Includes Production Support.

Entitlement for CPU Core (minimum 16 cores per CPU).
Includes Production Support.

Entitlement for CPU Core (minimum 16 cores per CPU).
Includes Production Support.


VMware License Overview

Want help finding your perfect VMware License? Check out our VMware vSphere: Licensing, Pricing and Packaging blog today!

  • vSphere Essentials Kit: Delivers affordable, industry-leading virtualization for small business environments with 3 servers or less. For a low, upfront cost, small businesses can virtualize their environment and ease management all while reducing hardware costs and increasing efficiency.

  • vSphere Essentials Plus Kit: VMware offers a virtualization solution for small businesses that goes one step further by ensuring superior application availability and data protection.

  • vSphere Standard: VMware offers an entry solution for larger businesses that provides basic consolidation of applications, reducing hardware expenses while speeding up application deployment.

  • VMware vCenter Server Foundation: Offers powerful management tools for smaller virtual environments of up to 3 hosts that are looking to rapidly provision, monitor, and control virtual machines.

  • VMware vCenter Server Standard: Offers management of VMware vSphere deployments on a larger scale for speedy provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, and control of virtual machines.