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  • Next business day parts replacement throughout the warranty term.
  • Remote troubleshooting and dedicated technical support available on weekdays 8 am-8 pm ET.
  • Optional addition to Aventis Essentials Warranty.
  • Optional addition to Aventis Extended Warranty.


The Standard Warranty Agreement (Warranty) applies to all products purchased from Aventis Systems, Inc. (ASI) unless the products are sold with separate warranty terms.

ASI warrants that products sold are free from functional defects, for the respective warranty period listed above commencing on the date of your purchase. For deprecated products ASI no longer carries, the balance of the warranty term may be dismissed.

Using the Warranty

Failed or defective products under warranty are eligible for repair through ASI. At its discretion, ASI may:

  1. Provide replacement parts necessary to repair the product.
  2. Repair the product.
  3. Replace the product with a comparable or superior one.
  4. Provide store credit for the invoice amount, less shipping and handling.
  5. Assess a deposit for parts replacements exceeding $100, to be refunded on receiving all defect parts replaced.
Any systems or components that are returned to ASI under the warranty terms may be tested for quality assurance. In the event that the systems or components are found defect-free, ASI reserves the right to recover shipping costs.

To facilitate part replacement, ASI requires customer assistance to diagnose issues or faults with the product and follow ASI's warranty process. Customers should call or email the technical support line to establish an RMA ticket prior to returning any items. Warranty services must be completed by ASI. ASI will not reimburse for service performed by others or for customer expenses associated with the troubleshooting or replacement process. In the continental U.S., ASI is responsible for all shipping costs associated with warranty returns. Outside the continental U.S., ASI is responsible for shipping replacement parts to the customer and the customer is responsible for shipping faulty parts back to ASI. Customers should ship the defective part / unit to ASI [ 189 Cobb Parkway North, Suite B7, Marietta GA 30062 ] with the completed RMA form that includes an ASI authorized RMA number provided by the technical support staff.

In the event that ASI provides customers with systems or components as part of the RMA process, the customer has 30 days to return faulty systems or components without being charged.

The warranty can be renewed for additional term(s). A reinstatement fee, equal to 25% of the renewal price, is required to renew an expired warranty. There is no reinstatement fee to renew an active warranty.

The warranty does not cover the following: Force Majeure events, minor aesthetic imperfections that do not alter functionality, misuse, software corruption, malware, data loss, and other software-related issues or issues with equipment other than the sold products. ASI strongly recommends customers follow a responsible regimen of backing up their data and maintain a backup for systems sent in for warranty repair.

Aventis Systems is not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Dell, HP, Cisco, or any other Company whose products are sold by ASI.

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