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Instructions for Work From Home Bundles

You've either got your new remote office or interested in learning how your employees can implement our Work From Home Bundles themselves. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up your machine, to show you how easy it is! Download the full PDF here for more details or continue reading below.

First things first, if you're able to, please keep all boxes for all equipment provided to you. They will come in handy when moving your remote office back to your physical office or if your company decides to send the equipment back to Aventis Systems.


Please make sure you have received everything you need to set up your remote office:

  • Laptop
  • 2x Monitors
  • Docking Station
  • Keyboard and Mouse Combo
If you are missing any of the above items, please email

Also, depending on the location you're planning on setting up your new office, you may also need to grab an extension cord or power strip as these are not provided.

Unboxing Your Monitor:

First, start by unboxing your monitors. You will see:

  • Your Monitors (these will be on the very bottom of the box under styrofoam)
  • Monitor Stands
  • Cables including your DisplayPort and Power Cable
For now, please place your cables to the side, but keep your monitor stands and screens on your desktop.

Unboxing the Remaining Items:

Below you will find the remainder of your office equipment and what each box should contain. If you are missing any items, these boxes are critical to your setup and please email

Your Laptop box should include:

  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Documentation

Your Docking Station box should include:

  • Docking Station
  • Power Adapter
  • Documentation

Your Keyboard and Mouse box should include:

  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Batteries: 2x AAA and 1x AA
  • Wireless Receiver USB
  • Documentation
We will walk you through setting up your laptop and docking station later on, but let's take a quick moment to set up your keyboard and mouse:

  1. Install the following batteries in the proper compartment underneath each piece: Keyboard will use the 2x AAA batteries and the Mouse will use 1x AA battery

Monitor Set-Up

  1. Remove the protective wrap from the monitor stand
  2. Remove the monitor and the protective wrap from around the monitor
  3. To attach your monitors to the stand:
    1. You will notice on the back of your monitor there is a square indentation
    2. Align that square to the one on the monitor stand with the monitor tilted backward over the stand
    3. Push the monitor on the stand to secure

Repeat these steps for the second monitor.

If you are having trouble getting your monitors attached to the stand, please
download the PDF version of these instructions to view photos on how to do so.

Connecting Your Monitors:

To kick off this set up, please grab the cords that were included in your monitor box that we asked you to set aside.

  1. Find the Power Cable, this is the one with the standard plug and "female" connector
    1. Plug the Power Cable into the power port on the back of the monitor
    2. Then, plug the cord into an outlet, power strip or surge protector
  2. Find the DisplayPort cable, this is the one with the dual-ended "male" connectors with "push tabs."
    1. Plug the DisplayPort cable into the back of the monitor with the "push tab" facing toward you
  3. Repeat the above steps for your second monitor
  4. Next, grab your HP Docking Station and place it on your desktop, making sure your laptop will be in close reach
    1. Plug the other ends of your two DisplayPort cables into the back of your Docking Station. The ports for these are the two in the middle on the bottom

If you run into any issues or confusion setting up your monitors please download the PDF version of these instructions to view photos on how to do so.

Docking Station Set-Up

Your Docking Station will be the hub for your monitors and will also function as power for your laptop, so you do not have to use your laptop charger while plugged into it. If you would like a guide to all of the ports on the back of the docking station, please
download the PDF version for an image explaining the different ports, but we will also explain them below:

  1. Find the power adapter that came in the Docking Station box
    1. Plug this into the back of your Docking Station in the only circle port with the plug icon
    2. Plug the other end of that cord into your outlet, power strip or surge protector

If you are going to utilize WiFi for your home office, please skip this step. If you are planning on using a wired internet connection through an ethernet cable, grab the cable and plug it into the back of your docking station in the top right corner port.

Keyboard & Mouse Set-Up

  1. Find the small USB Dongle included in your keyboard and mouse box
    1. Plug it into the back of your Docking Station into one of the two USB ports
When you power on your laptop, your keyboard and mouse should automatically connect and be fully functional. If not, unplug the USB Dongle from your docking station and try plugging it into the USB port on your laptop.

Laptop Set-up

  1. Take the cord that is coming out of the front of your Docking Station and plug it into the side of your laptop. This should activate both of your monitors
  2. To choose your ideal monitor layout:
    1. Click the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen
    2. Click the Gear icon
    3. Select the first option labeled "System" with the laptop icon
    4. You will be brought directly to "Display Page"
    5. Rearrange your displays to the format that works best for you

Set-Up is Now Complete!

We hope you enjoy your new remote office! Your set up includes 24/7 support, so if you run into any technical issues or have any questions regarding your systems, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at
support@aventissystems.com or call us at 1-866-528-9313 and select 4.