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Aventis Commercial: Reliable Technology and Support When You Need It

Keep your business running smoothly with Aventis Systems.

For small and mid-sized businesses, unexpected downtimes can have a negative impact on the bottom line. IT departments are tasked with ensuring that the network runs smoothly, so the business is never interrupted for technological reasons. At the same time, you’re constantly being asked to do more with less. We’re here to help.

At Aventis Systems, we understand the unique IT requirements of your business and can help with the design, configuration, administration and management of your company’s IT environment to fit your business needs today and in the future.

We offer comprehensive IT solutions with tailored configurations that are built to address all your technology needs including servers, desktops, laptops, software, networking, storage solutions, technical support and much more. Our cloud services and virtualization expertise also make it easy to deploy and seamlessly migrate from a virtual server to a cloud server, ensuring as little downtime as possible.

With Aventis Systems, there is no need for you to source parts from multiple vendors, solve compatibility issues or balance numerous warranties. We handle it all. Our customers receive personalized support and guidance from the planning stage to procurement, delivery and deployment, as well as continued technical support to ensure your business always runs smoothly.

Key Benefits

Advanced IT Services
for SMBs

Our Advanced IT Services are designed with the most pressing needs of SMBs in mind. Our IT solutions and services are tailored to the hardware, software and virtual environments running your applications, as well as all the necessary support and maintenance.

One Provider for
All Support

Our customized emergency onsite hardware support service provides comprehensive maintenance for all your important equipment, no matter where it was originally purchased. With Aventis Systems, you can take pressure off your IT department by consolidating all your onsite support under a single agreement and provider.

Extensive Warranties
and Systems Support

Aventis Systems provides industry-leading coverage to protect and extend the life of your hardware and equipment. All the servers and storage equipment we sell includes a three-year comprehensive Essentials Warranty, and a one-year comprehensive warranty is included on all server and networking equipment, workstations, desktops, laptops and hardware components. Extended warranties are also available.