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Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networking Solutions

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networking products are created with the goal of making powerful network technology simple, empowering IT Professionals and small and medium size businesses to have enterprise level connectivity and cloud management solutions! Meraki is an industry leader in cloud managed networking solutions with more than 230,000 customers worldwide. This global trust is founded in their Cloud Networking solutions, all providing centralized management without the cost of additional management software, making deployment, monitoring, reporting, and diagnostics easier than ever for businesses that do not always have the internal resources for granular control of their networking devices. Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed products give a complete view with total control of your network, and tasks like VPN configurations and RF optimization are automated by the cloud while your firmware and application signature updates are deployed simply and quickly over the web.

Aventis Systems is proud to offer the following Cisco Meraki products to our customers:

  • Cisco Meraki MS Series Switches with features such as zero touch cloud provisioning, high performance, network visibility, and remote troubleshooting no matter the size of deployment!
  • Cisco Meraki MR Series Access Points with the best in scanning and Bluetooth connectivity features as well as traffic analytics engines that are self learning and application aware!
  • Cisco Meraki MX Series Firewalls for up to Layer 7 Stateful Firewall protection for your network with both Enterprise and Advanced Security license bundles for the best security for your business!
  • Cisco Meraki Support Licenses the backbone of what gives these amazing cloud management solutions products their functionality! All Meraki products require a minimum Enterprise Cloud Controller License, and both Enterprise and Advanced Security Licenses are available to keep Meraki Networking products covered!

Aventis Systems offers 1 Year Standard Comprehensive Warranties on all Networking Products with upgrades available to Express and Extended Warranties as well as Onsite Support. In additional all Cisco Meraki products come with a 1 Year minimum Cloud Controller license bundled into each product. Check out our categories below and get easier deployment, management, reporting, and diagnostics for your network today with Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networking Solutions!

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