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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating Systems

Aventis Systems delivers cost effective and innovative open source enterprise solutions from Red Hat!

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating Systems are the leading trusted solution for Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMBs) and Fortune 500 companies to have a customizable open source operating system with support! Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Unix like operating system perfect for small business to enterprise class environments, and sponsors the community supported Fedora operating system which is intended primarily for home users. Additionally, RHEL operating systems are backed by best in class award winning support making Red Hat Linux an OS any business can trust!

A Red Hat subscription not only gives you access to the latest enterprise-grade software technology and security, but also the benefit of updates and expert support services for the entire life cycle of your infrastructure. Plus, Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms offer stability and flexibility to adapt with your business. Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the tools you need to boost efficiency and productivity through standardization and virtualization with an affordable and predictable subscription model. A Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription is not version specific. Once a subscription has been purchased, customers have access to all currently supported RHEL versions.

Red Hat offers Enterprise Linux Platform products to fit any business. Check out Aventis Systems Red Hat products such as:

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