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Surveillance Basics with Synology

Keeping your business safe is a top priority for many companies. One piece of that puzzle is surveillance and monitoring business locations, no matter if it’s an office building or a store front. When it comes to surveillance it’s important to have the right hardware to back it, and that’s where Synology comes in.

Synology NAS systems have upped the game when it comes to making surveillance storage as simple and easy as possible, without skimping on the features companies need. Everything is contained within their Surveillance Station software. It’s free to download and can be accessed by a native app, web browser, or mobile app. Synology Surveillance Station is also compatible with more than 6,000 different cameras so there is no need to worry whether your camera will work with Synology.

Synology Surveillance Station comes packed with features, such as:

  • Live View & Alerts: Watch and monitor multiple camera streams live in real time and utilize smart analytics to catch suspicious behavior.
  • Recording & Playback: Analyze, play, export, and manage all recordings within a simple to use interface.
  • I/O Module & Door Controller: Integrate many other devices for full control of the entire location.
  • Management: Manage the complete surveillance system from top to bottom with the settings, rules, notifications, and more.
  • Centralized Management System (CMS): The CMS is designed to handle multi-site and multi-server surveillance system deployments.
  • Mobile: Monitor everything live from your mobile devices, any time and anywhere.

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