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Virtual Machine Backup Made Simple

Running virtual machines is a great way to get even more out of your server. However, those virtual machines still need to be backed up. These backups can be made to a number of different storage solutions and which one you choose really depends on your business needs. However, one of the most versatile storage solutions for backup is Network Attached Storage (NAS).

When it comes to backing up virtual machines on NAS systems there are a few options worth considering. The first is to backup using Veeam with the NAS System designated as the backup target. That option does require Veeam licensing. However, if you are using a Synology NAS system than there is another option to consider.

Synology has a feature as part of their DiskStation Manager software called Active Backup for Business. This is an all-in-one backup solution that they developed to allow users to backup data from personal computers, servers, and virtual machines within mixed networks.

The Active Backup Agent does need to be installed on the target device in order to carry out the backup. Agents can be installed one by one or in batches depending on how many you need to deploy for your physical NAS systems. It will also require DSM or device administrative privileges since the actions will be done on the server end of things.

However, if you’re exclusively running virtual machines through VMware you can create VM backup tasks through Active Backup for Business by connecting it to vSphere, no agent required. If anything happens to your VM you can instantly restore to VMware in seconds.

Active Backup for Business also integrates with Synology Virtual Machine Manager which will allow you to replicate your production environment for use as a temporary disaster site. This feature is currently limited to select operating systems so you will want to confirm compatibility first.

Synology makes monitoring your backups easy but putting all of the backup tasks and alerts in a centralized console. The console also allows you to run reports that get emailed to you so that you can keep an eye on things without having to login.

Plus, Synology knows the importance of data backup. They are constantly working on making it simple and easy to take care of all your business needs with their best in class NAS devices. Being able to backup VMs is only one part of that, but it’s a big one.

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