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HP ProDesk, EliteDesk, and Z Workstations: What’s the Difference?

HP workstation

Choosing desktops for your business is no small task, as it is vital for your employees and can help create a more productive and secure environment. Due to the overwhelming number of options and features, many business leaders spend an exorbitant amount of time deciding what desktop to choose. Since every company has different needs and priorities, no one computer will work for every business. However, HP offers a variety of options to help align with whatever your business needs are.

HP has the reputation of the top business desktop manufacturer on the market due to its features and reliability. HP desktops come in three models for a variety of different business needs: ProDesk, EliteDesk, and Z Workstations. Understanding the differences between these three popular models will help you decide which works best for you.


The HP ProDesk is ideal for those that want to harness the power of an HP computer without breaking the bank. As the most basic level desktop, it can help meet everyday needs while also providing room for future growth.

Although it is the most economical choice of the three desktops, the ProDesk series still offers innovation and power. For the superior performance and storage that most people have come to expect out of their HP computer, ProDesk models can come with 3.5" HDDs, 2.5" HDDs, and M.2 SSD storage, depending on form factor. It combines a compact and flexible design with easy expansion options to ensure it can grow along with your needs. That being said, HP ProDesk models are an excellent option for any growing business on a budget that needs a desktop for basic operations


The EliteDesk takes ProDesk to the next level. Designed with executive style and taste in mind, it offers a higher number of features and more choices of hardware than ProDesk. It also has a higher level of testing, durability and reliability.

In addition to flexible storage options including multiple 2.5” or 3.5” HDDs or SSDs and the latest PCIe drive technology, EliteDesk models also have better processing power. They additionally can come with a 5-in-1 SD card reader and options for NVIDIA discrete graphics to boost graphic performance. They also allow users to run hard drives in RAID 0 or 1 in the BIOS settings.

The EliteDesk series also offers slick integrated security, management, and anti-theft features. It is an ideal desktop for businesses that can make use of its added benefits and design when compared to the ProDesk.

Z Workstation

HP Z Workstations offer the best performance of the three models. They allow users to get more done in less time and are built to handle the needs of creative professionals. They are ideal for a wide variety of industries that need more performance and features, such as day-trading, entertainment, manufacturing, product design, architecture, engineering, deep learning, broadcast, virtual reality, along with general business.

They are extremely reliable workstations that are tested for 300,000 hours to ensure they can handle even the most rigorous workloads. Z Workstations hold up under the pressure and increased heat output of higher performance processors, graphic cards and memory. Even with a much heavier computational load, Z Books have the same life cycle and battery life as the EliteBook laptops

Z Workstations also have some of the highest-performing processors and graphics cards in the industry and can even include enterprise/server level components such as CPUs, RAM and HDDs. Z Workstation's proprietary remote graphics software gives users the option to tap into their high-performance capabilities remotely from other machines for things like graphic-intensive applications. Plus, their dual-fan cooling system ensures that performance won't be affected by overheating.

In addition to impressive performance, Z Workstations offer serious security features. They provide password, fingerprint, and facial scan authentication to make sure only the people you authorize can access the information on the computer. The advanced features on these workstations make them ideal for the needs of large organizations.

The Right Desktop for Your Business

HP can offer the right desktop to meet the needs of your business. The more you can invest in your desktop, the more features and capabilities each model provides. However, for small businesses and startups on a budget, ProDesk delivers the capabilities of HP at an affordable price. EliteDesk offers better processing power and graphics over ProDesk. Z Workstations have superior processing power, graphics capabilities, and security features for a higher price tag.

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