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Hardware Recycling, Donation, and Buyback Programs

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your IT hardware, the question of what to do with your old equipment still remains. Today’s recycling, donation, and buyback programs are making it easier than ever to dispose of unwanted technology equipment, with a wide variety of options to take care of your hardware, no matter what you want to do with it.


Recycling your products is the best option if you’re looking to declutter your infrastructure without contributing to the nearest landfill. Recycling programs have succeeded in collecting billions of pounds of unwanted electronics over the years, using valuable plastic, glass, and metal to create new machinery.

Best Buy Electronics Recycling

January marked the official end of the Google Glass’ run. With less than stellar sales and privacy concerns at nearly every turn (even public banning in certain areas), Google pulled the product from shelves, promising a better version of Google Glass in the near future. While there is no doubting Google’s ability to create a quality gadget, Google Glass was not it.

Earth 911

Earth 911 is one of the best things ever to happen to electronics recycling. Earth911.com includes a comprehensive list of donation centers around the nation, including mail-in sites and curbside pickup locations. Simply enter your location and what you wish to recycle, and find out where you can get it recycled safely and easily.

Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems offers free recycling for IT equipment, and will pick up or ship the product to be recycled at no cost to you. To find out more information, click here for an overview of our Aventis Bucks program.


The National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation aims to collect used electronics to give to at-risk youths, people with disabilities, and local schools in need of equipment. Using the Christina Foundation, you can hand select which charities or schools receive your donation. Visit the Cristina Foundation website for more information.


Formed in 2004, Reconnect has collected more than 96 million pounds of electronics for redistribution to local communities around the country. Reconnect is a collaboration between Dell and Goodwill, with more than 1,900 Goodwill locations in participation. Your electronics will be refurbished and recycled to create usable electronics for those in need.

Buyback Programs

Amazon Trade-In

The retail giant is expanding its horizons with a trade-in program that takes care of more than just electronics. Using your Amazon account, simply locate and describe the product to Amazon’s team, ship the item (paid for by Amazon), and you’ll receive Amazon credit, good for the purchase of anything on Amazon’s site.

eBay Instant Sale

eBay’s process is very similar to Amazon’s, and just as convenient. eBay promises to buy back old electronics no matter their condition. Users are prompted to answer questions about their object, after which they send the item in and receive a credit based on eBay’s evaluation of the object. Payment is deposited directly into the user’s PayPal account.

Aventis Bucks

If you are looking to sell excess IT equipment, let Aventis Systems help you. Sell your used IT equipment to Aventis Systems, Inc. and receive 50% more than market appraised value in Aventis Bucks! To learn more about this program, please visit http://www.aventissystems.com/Aventis-Bucks-s/5834.htm.

Whether you’re looking to clean up your infrastructure or looking for extra cash for your junk, consider one of the options above and put your old electronics to good use. Contact us for more information on how to sell your unused IT equipment.