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Build Your Own Server By Aventis Systems: Custom HP and Dell Servers

As your small business grows, you might consider investing in your own server infrastructure. While leasing equipment from a hosting center or data center certainly makes sense when you’re starting out, you may begin to realize that it doesn’t provide the operational efficiency your business needs. Instead of paying for storage, you might come out ahead by investing in creating your own server ecosystem.

As you need more storage, you’ll probably realize that you’re paying almost as much (or maybe even more) to lease space than if you purchased the hardware yourself.

Advantages of Building Your Own HP or Dell Server

There are several advantages to building your own server, the first of which we’ve already mentioned: cost. You have control over expenses, which means you can build a server infrastructure that fits within your budget.

Of course, as with any purchase, you’ll have to be careful about trying to save too much money or cut costs too dramatically; you want to make sure you’re not trading performance for a low-cost option. Make sure you know what you need and are investing in the right equipment.

Other reasons to build your own server include:

Your Data Stays in Your Control

If you’ve been storing your data in the cloud, you probably already have thought about one of the biggest concerns for business owners: security. While cloud storage is a popular, affordable and flexible solution that allows you to only pay for the storage space you need, using the cloud to store your data means that your data is not in your hands. Yes, cloud operators go to great lengths to ensure security, and many encryption technologies are deployed to safeguard your data. But when you own your own server, you can make sure that your most critical business data is kept on-site and secure.

Having your own server on-site is also a great way to protect yourself from data loss. Data loss can occur for several different reasons; having a dedicated server makes it easier to back up data and keep it in one safe location. Building it yourself means you can customize it to fit your needs.

It Can Help Grow Your Business

As your business changes, you can add new features or services to your server. You can host a website and applications, provide secure and efficient online transactions and host your own secure email. You can add space and storage to your server as needed and as your budget allows.

As you use your server resources efficiently, you can also reduce your hardware and operating costs. (However, while effective, this can be a complicated equation to figure out, so it might be a good idea to call on a skilled IT consultant to help you determine your actual server needs.)

It Improves Reliability and Accessibility

When your business computers are linked to one another, it only takes one computer going down to affect the whole system. Connecting your computers to a server prevents such a large-scale fail because they are getting information from the server, not from each other. As you build your own server, you can identify what roles it needs to fill and what applications it needs to accommodate. That means you can choose components accordingly to get a custom configuration that is designed to meet your specific needs.

Where (and How) to Start Building Your Own Server

If you’ve never built your own server, that’s OK; we can walk you through it! Aventis Systems’ Build Your Own Server special lets you customize your server hardware configuration. The foundation of your system begins with choosing the rackmount server option that is best for your needs. We offer both Dell and HP products, so you can choose from the following:

Dell PowerEdge R630: With a compact 1U form factor, this is an effective and efficient Dell option for virtualization or applications.

Dell PowerEdge R730: For high capacity operations, this server works well with powerful processors, large memory, and fast storage options.

HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9: If you need to save on rack space but still have to power demanding applications, this server configuration is perfect for small business operations.

HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9: With hardware configurations available up to 144 TB, this HP workhorse has plenty of storage capacity and is ideal for file servers and databases.

Once you’ve selected a rackmount server, you can begin customizing it to provide exactly what you need. Our options include:

  • Upgrades for single or dual processors
  • Customized memory by DIMM slot
  • Customized hard drives
  • Rail kits
  • Network interface cards
  • RAID controllers

You also will want to choose the right software for your new hardware, and we have a number of options to provide you with the flexibility and choices you need. Brands offered as part of this Build Your Own Server package include VMware, Microsoft, and Veeam.

We Make Building Your Own Server Easy

At Aventis Systems, we have made building your own server as easy as ordering a pizza. When you visit our site and select which rackmount server you want as the foundation of your configuration, you’ll follow the link to a page with your options. Then, simply follow the series of boxes to choose your memory, hard drive, storage, power supply, etc. to complete your customized server. (If you have questions during this process or aren’t sure which choice might be best for your individual situation, you can reach our sales support team either via live chat or by calling 855-AVENTIS.)

Once you have selected all the necessary components and completed your order, we’ll build it to your specifications. If you need it quickly, all you have to do is add the “Rush Build” or expedited shipping option at checkout and you’ll be set.

If you don’t want to continue paying for hosting or a data center, or you have information you want to store on-site, having your own server is an option that makes sense. And, since there’s no reason to pay for features you don’t need, we’ve made it easy to customize your server to your environment — and to let it grow with your business.

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