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Essential Tools to Achieve Productivity in Your Small Business

Why is it that everyone has the same 24 hours in their day, but some people seem to get more done than others?

Productivity tools help you to get the most out of your day and life. Thanks to the newest technology, it's easier than ever to streamline your projects, communication and experience to get more done.

What would you do with more time in your day? Thanks to these productivity tools, you’ll have the opportunity to find out.

Better Tools for Productivity

Microsoft offers the technology to make sure that you can be as fast and productive as possible. Their powerful tools include:


Collaboration is at the heart of efficiency. Whether at home or on the road, you can have access to your most important files with OneDrive. OneDrive is an internet-based storage platform that acts like a hard drive in the cloud. It also allows you to share data to make working as a team more accessible than ever. Whether you need to communicate with leaders, employees, or clients, OneDrive enables you to access, share, and collaborate from anywhere.

OneDrive also provides optimum security to prevent potential headaches and lost productivity. It can help you recover lost files and provides optimum protection to make sure that only the right people have access to the information you designate.


A fixture of Microsoft since 2010, SharePoint has enduring popularity because of its ability to increase productivity. SharePoint is a feature that allows organizations to create websites. Plus, SharePoint continues to expand its capabilities to provide more help with site creation and management.

Whether with the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid model, SharePoint has a number of features to get more done in less time. Some of these features include:

  • Libraries and lists that are available for concurrent access. These let you avoid the hassle of emailing a spreadsheet or trying to track changes from a group of users.
  • Workflow that acts as an automated flowchart-like application. Enables user to control the execution of standard business processes.
  • A search query of indexed data in a SharePoint Server Farm to find what you need quickly on the current site and any sub-sites.
  • Libraries to store, modify, group and filter your most essential data for faster search and analysis.

This not only allows you to create professional-looking websites quickly and easily, but it is a secure place to store, organize, and share information from anywhere.


Delve organizes your information to make it easier to discover and organizes what is relevant for you. Delve allows you to manage your profile to enhance your Office 365 experience. Delve pulls content from Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Yammer to give you all the information you need in one convenient location.

It works by using the Office Graph, which continuously collects and analyzes the signals you and your coworkers send when working in Office 365. This data allows Delve to show you documents most relevant to you, such as a specific document that others, you are currently working with, show you.


Communication is essential for an organization. However, effective communication is critical for productivity. Is your inbox overflowing with emails so that you can’t find what’s important without sifting through each email? Do you need a better way to share information and publicly praise work well done across your company?

Yammer provides the answer. It is an organization-specific networking tool that allows you to organic information however works best for you. The Discovery feed shows you what is most relevant, where you can share knowledge and work collaboratively. You can also arrange your inbox according to your priorities. Easily search for conversations and files to find the information you need quickly. Share resources with a group and easily add polls to get input fast.


While Yammer is perfect for getting information to a large group of people quickly, Teams allows you to communicate and collaborate on a more personal level. When you need to turn to a smaller group of individuals to collaborate on a project; Teams is where that happens. Teams also lets you share files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint to do work as a group quickly and more effectively.

Power BI

Harnessing data can create confident and well-informed decisions for everyone within an organization. Power BI is an analytics platform that lets users find and share meaningful insights across your business. It provides nontechnical business users with the tools they need to aggregate, analyze, visualize and share data. With hundreds of data visualization tools and built-in AI capabilities, everyone can gather a more in-depth understanding of your company to ensure better decisions.

Plus, the user interface is intuitive for users familiar with Excel. It’s deep integration with other Microsoft products means that it’s a versatile self-service tool that requires little initial training. It’s free version is ideal for small to midsized businesses.


Take the chaos out of project management with Microsoft Planner. You can get organized with their intuitive boards that allow you to organize, assign and categorize tasks easily. You can also update and change assignments with a simple drag-and-drop.

Not only does Planner make it easy to organize assignments, but it also allows effective collaboration between team members. You can work across all devices and send email notifications when tasks are both assigned and completed. A comprehensive list and assignment statues lets the whole team know precisely what is going on. You can even attach files and start conversations within tasks to keep from switching apps.


PowerApps allows you to be your own solution. You can create custom-built apps to meet your unique needs and let you work faster than ever. PowerApps enables you to create professional-grade applications without any development experience. Apps can come together quickly with pre-built templates and simple drag-and-drop features. PowerApps also offers extensibility for more experienced developers who need more capabilities.


Creating professional-looking content can be a headache for many leaders. However, Publisher allows you to easily and quickly create professional-looking, specialized materials for whatever you need. Plus, it uses a similar layout to Word to make it easier to navigate. Whether it's a professional newsletter, greeting card, or something in-between, Publisher's pre-designed layouts mean you can have whatever you need at your fingertips.

Create a More Productive Life

Add some of these tools into your day-to-day to get more done with fewer headaches. Microsoft Office 365 offers convenience and simplicity with its numerous productivity tools. Whatever the needs of your business, their pre-built apps and customizable programs allow you to cut through the chaos for effective communication, organized project management, and beautifully designed websites and content.

Our experts here at Aventis can help you find the right tools to maximize your time. We can answer your questions and offer customized recommendations based on your needs. Give us a call at 1-855-AVENTIS or chat with us online today!

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