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The Value of a Complete IT Solution

The Value of a Complete IT Solution

When it comes to IT solutions, your options are nearly as numerous as the digits in pi. New vendors and products enter the market daily, and navigating the ever-expanding marketplace can be challenging. What brands of servers and switches will work best for your needs? Which vendors can provide reliable VM architecture? Where do you turn for networking? What about warranty programs?

To simplify—and enhance—the process, many companies and organizations are turning to a turnkey IT solution. By using one company for your hardware, software and networking needs, you can leverage your systems more effectively, saving you time, worry and money.

Save Time

Procuring products and services from various vendors requires an extensive time commitment. After all, comparing prices, features, and services from multiple companies for each solution is no small task. Multiple vendors also means multiple contract negotiations, along with a range of contract lengths and renewal dates, and a multitude of warranties to balance.

And your vendor relationships are ongoing, so after you find and select a host of vendors, you have to manage them—communicating with each company individually and coordinating efforts and product compatibility on your own. Basically, nothing is simple. It can become a full-time job for a staff member to manage the paperwork, support, and communication required when you work with a large number of vendors.

By sourcing all your components from one place, you can save that time and hassle. In addition, initial setup and implementation should be simpler, and ongoing updates and upgrades can be more consolidated and comprehensive. A complete IT solution can save you time not only when deploying your IT architecture, but for the lifetime of your system as well.

Save Worry

In addition to saving time, using a turnkey IT solution can also eliminate a lot of the worry that goes along with being a SysAdmin. For example, buying a complete IT system from one vendor provides assurance that all components are compatible. You’ll spend less time with network design, testing and certification when the vendor, rather than your IT team, is the one ensuring compatibility. This allows the IT department to spend fewer resources on resolving compatibility issues and more time building, maintaining and improving the network.

Initial setup is simpler, as is expanding your system as your organization grows. In addition, simplifying your architecture to a turnkey solution means that you aren’t trying to work across a handful of varying systems, so you can have faster processing speeds and more cross-application features. You also can deploy new applications and features more quickly since the infrastructure and compatibility requirements are established already.

Software utility is similarly simplified. With all users on the same platform, and functionality and controls remaining the same, your may find that your organization’s staff require less training. Certainly, troubleshooting users’ issues is simpler when everyone is using the same hardware, operating system and application versions. Furthermore, a turnkey IT vendor simplifies the challenge of maintaining standard security policies. Using multiple vendors often requires reconfiguration of individual units, which increases the risk of human error.

Finally, if (or rather, when) something goes sideways, you know there’s just one vendor you need to call for support. You don’t have to track down which company to call, and you aren’t stuck mediating between vendors (or calling vendor after vendor, with each pointing his finger at the next) when they say the problem stems from the other company.

Turnkey IT vendors are typically larger companies, which means they have immediate access to all the software, equipment and manpower needed to solve the issue at hand. Of course, this means you should choose a reputable reseller with superior warranty options, customer service and technical support. With the right partner, the overall recovery time — and headache — associated with inevitable failures should be less.

Save Money

The old adage that time is money holds true in this case, and the time you save by using a complete IT solution from a trusted reseller translates into cost savings. But your savings don’t stop there.

Offering the advantage of better volume discounts, a single vendor typically costs less than the sum of individual services and modules. With comprehensive warranty programs and no need to balance warranties from multiple vendors, you can lower expenses further.

If you’re looking for a turnkey IT solution, we encourage you to contact us. Aventis Systems offers comprehensive IT solutions that reduce the need to procure parts from multiple vendors and that eliminate compatibility issues. Our configurations are tailored to address individual requirements, and our breadth of products and knowledge can help you build and maintain complete environments.