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WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drives

With Western Digital every drive has a purpose. Since 1970 Western Digital has been a leader in computing and storage technology. Today they have evolved to be the world’s leader in storage technologies specializing in ATA and now flash storage.

The Western Digital Black PC Hard Drive is made to be the top in performance and capacity combined out of the Western Digital PC HDDs. This drive is optimal for users playing video games with growing storage needs and end users looking to archive digital media of any sort. Featuring a high capacity and fast storage speeds loading games or big media files is twice as easy, and with higher RPM as well as sequential read and write speeds (SSD only) compared with other WD PC Desktop Drives the WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drives double performance while still providing excellent capacity to the end user. Aventis Systems is proud to offer the following specifications in the WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drives:

  • Form Factors: PCIe SSD, NVMe SSD, 2.5" HDD (Mobile), 3.5" HDD (Desktop)
    • Hard Disk Drive Specifications:
    • Capacities: 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB
    • RPM: 7.2K SATA
    • Interface: 6Gb/s
    • Cache: 16 - 256MB
    • Solid State Drive Specifications:
    • Capacities: 250GB, 256GB, 500GB, 512GB, 1TB
    • Sequential Read Speed: 2050 MB/s - 3400 MB/s
    • Sequential Write Speed: 700 MB/s - 2800 MB/s
    • Interface: 6Gb/s

Aventis Systems offers a 1 Year Essentials warranty on all hard drives with optional Secure Drive, Extended, and Express warranty upgrades. Shop below for double the performance and high capacity combined with the WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drives!

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