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Western Digital Internal & External Hard Drives

With Western Digital every drive has a purpose. Since 1970 Western Digital has been a leader in computing technology starting with their origin has a calculator chip manufacturer and by 1990 becoming the storage manufacturer we know them as today. The acquisition of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies led to landmarks such as the first helium filled drives, allowing for higher capacity while gaining better reliability due to less friction. Recently having also acquired SanDisk, Western Digital continues pushing forward as a pioneer in storage technology adding NAND flash storage and enterprise storage arrays to their already extensive portfolio. This along with their extensive knowledge base and industry leading reliability has made Western Digital a trusted brand by SMBs and IT Professionals world wide!

Aventis Systems is proud to offer both Internal and External storage drives from Western Digital, featuring products such as the My Book Series as well as WD Elements Desktop Storage Drives, Datacenter Hard Drives, Red NAS Hard Drives, Purple Surveillance Hard Drives, Black PC Performance Hard Drives, Blue PC Solid State Drives, Green PC Solid State Drives, Black PC Performance Hard Drives, and Blue PC Hard Drives. We also carry a large range of capacities and capabilities in each making it even easier to Get IT Done! Aventis Systems offers a 1 Year Essentials warranty on all hard drives with optional Secure Drive, Extended, and Express warranty upgrades. Check out our selections of External and Internal Western Digital Hard Drives below, and see why Western Digital is the global leader in storage technologies!

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