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Overland Tandberg Storage Drives

Overland Tandberg Data Storage Drives assist small to midsize businesses (SMBs) safely backup and securely protect their data! Tape backup and tape storage systems have held an important role for data storage throughout many decades due to their reliability, longevity, and small physical footprint. Storage drives by Overland Tandberg Data offer a highly scalable solution for data storage utilizing LTO tape backup systems or RDX QuikStor media drives to give businesses of all sizes the flexibility they need to backup and store their mission critical data for long periods of time. So what is the difference between LTO and RDX storage drives?

  • LTO Tape Storage Drives save onto a variety of tape cartridges. These cartridges load into the compatible tape drive and provide a source of simple data backup as well as the ability to replicate you data easily! Plus tape is extremely portable for offsite backups when compared with traditional disk storage, making it the ideal solution for businesses that need the safest data backup solution for transport and long shelf life. These LTO tape drives are available in internal and external models with HBAs and cables available to connect to your server hosts.
  • RDX Media Storage Drives are the modern answer to data backup! These drives are loaded with rugged media (HDD) storage, purpose built to survive falls of up to 1 meter onto a concrete floor with no damage. Plus these innovative media storage devices provide the reliability of tape storage with up to 30 Years shelf life to guarantee your data holds up under the test of time! These RDX media storage productss come in external models with USB adapters and cables ideal for connecting to your servers and PCs.

Aventis Systems is proud to support all of our LTO tape storage and RDX media storage drives with a standard 3 Year parts replacement warranty with upgrades available to Extended term and Express next day parts replacement warranties. Additional upgrades are also available on every product to add more tape cartridges, increase your media capacity (RDX only), or add cleaning cartridges which are crucial to ensuring your LTO systems stay clean and your data safe. So shop our Overland Tandberg Data storage products below and bring the best in reliable tape storage or tough and rugged media storage to your business today!

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