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Symantec Endpoint Protection Security Software

Symantec Endpoint Protection Security Software software products offer the world’s most advanced, single agent endpoint security software with detection/response, prevention, deception, and adaptation to work against advanced attacks to the endpoints within your network! Made to protect all endpoints from attack vectors with industry leading efficiency, Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 provides the most complete endpoint security solution for multi-layer protection to stop threats no matter how they attack you business endpoints. Enjoy multi-layer threat protection features such as:

  • Network Firewall and Intrusion Prevention for blocking malware before it can spread out and control traffic!
  • Memory Exploit Mitigation that prevents zero-day exploits against vulnerabilities in the software applications you use!
  • Reputation Analysis that determines the safety of files and websites by leveraging community data!
  • Advanced Machine Learning for the detection of new threats pre-execution that allows you to more proactively prevent attacks!
  • Emulator Virtual Machines that detect malware that could be hidden by the use of custom packers!
  • Antivirus core capabilities for scanning and eradicating malware that gets onto your business systems!
  • Behavior Monitoring for blocking files that exhibit suspicious behaviors within your environment!
  • Application and Device Control allowing for whitelisting and blacklisting fo file, registry, and device access!

Aventis Systems carries Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, and Symantec Endpoint Protection for Network Servers. These licenses are delivered via electronic download and come in both perpetual and subscription license types for your convenience. So check out our Symantec Endpoint Protection products below and bring the best in single agent endpoint security world wide to your business today!

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