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HP OfficeConnect 5 Port Switches

HP OfficeConnect 5 Port Switches are the perfect small business or home solution for basic office connectivity! These simple switching solutions are part of the HPE OfficeConnect 1405 family of products and are made to be an easy turn key solution for small office connectivity with features such as automatic cable type detection and auto-negotiation. In addition all HP 5 Port OfficeConnect Switches are made to with a fanless design to eliminate excess sound and a more green energy footprint, helping to build value and energy cost savings over time for the IT Professionals that depend on them. That combined with their easy installation and low total cost of ownership is the reason why so many SMBs rely on these simple HP 5 Port Switches for their businesses!

Aventis Systems is proud to offer our HP OfficeConnect 5 Port Switches all with a 1 Year Standard Comprehensive Warranty with upgrades available to Express Next Business Day Parts Replacement or Extended Term Warranties as well as Onsite Hardware Support. So check out our HP OfficeConnect 5 Port Switches below and get an easy to manage plug and play switch for your small business or home today!