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HP Aruba & OfficeConnect Switches

HP Aruba and OfficeConnect Switches give small to medium size businesses enterprise class connectivity technology for a budget friendly price! These scalable HP enterprise network switches come with a wide variety of features and port sizes, ensuring any IT Professional can find the perfect model to meet their requirements. In addition, all HP Switches are made for top tier performance and scalability so they can continue to grow with the businesses that depend on them. Key features and benefits of HP Aruba versus HP OfficeConnect Switches are:

  • HP OfficeConnect Switches are made to be the perfect solution for small and medium size business networking needs. This powerful small office, or office branch solution, offers a large variety of features at a very low cost, helping small businesses make the most of their networking budget and their HP ethernet switches!
  • HP Aruba Switches are the ultimate HP switch technology for smaller enterprises, medium size businesses, and campus area networks! These powerful switches offer comprehensive management features and stacking on every model, making it easy for them to scale up over time as your requirements grow!

Aventis Systems is proud to offer our HP OfficeConnect and Aruba Switches all with a 1 Year Standard Comprehensive Warranty, with upgrades available to Express Next Business Day Parts Replacement or Extended Term Warranties, as well as Onsite Hardware Support. So, check out our HP 5 Port, 8 Port, 16 Port, 24 Port, and 40-48 Port Aruba and OfficeConnect Switches below and get a top tier networking solution in cost, features, scalability, versatility, and performance for your business today!