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Aventis Systems Dark Side Special

Has your server hardware failed you for the last time? Get power, unlimited power with the Dark Side Special on HP and Dell Servers!

Fear of outdated systems and technology is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to updates, updates lead to a new server during Aventis Systems Dark Side Special! Get the most powerful server technology in the galaxy from Dell PowerEdge and HP ProLiant with powerful processing and storage perfect for any dark lord’s server closet or datacenter. Choose from HP and Dell rackmount servers such as the:

  • HP ProLiant DL160 G6 NAS Server, perfect for virtualizing support, clustering, and centralized storage management through FreeNAS software included to help you feel the power of the dark side!
  • Dell PowerEdge R710 NAS Server, with robust storage ideal for centralized backup that could make even the most traditional IT Professional choke on their aspirations concerning standard storage for backup through onboard FreeNAS software!
  • HP ProLiant DL380p 25-Bay Server with the top tier of processing, memory, and high capacity SSD storage as well as tons of customization options available for the configuration of a technological terror that will prove the competition's lack of robustness... disturbing.
  • Dell PowerEdge R320 Server the ideal balance to the Dell server force with long term file storage drives and fast enterprise class SAS drives in one configuration with lots of backup software upgrade options to help you keep the emperor’s prized data from being damaged.

Aventis Systems is proud to offer all of the HP and Dell Dark Side Servers with a 3 Year Essentials parts replacement warranty with upgrades to Express NBD parts replacement, Extended 6 Year term, and Secure Drive hard drive retention warranties available! So don’t get stuck with server infrastructure from a long, long time ago in a server closet or datacenter far far away. Let the savings flow through you and upgrade today during the Aventis Systems Dark Side Special!

Special expires 06/22. Give in to the power of the Dark Side Special today!