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Media Servers and Storage

Media Servers are a must have for any IT Professional in need of video on demand and media streaming as well as large file storage! However, selecting the perfect custom media server to meet your requirements can be frustrating. Aventis Systems is here to help with our Turn Key Media Server! These servers and server storage bundles are all engineered to be a perfect fit for the media server role for any IT Professional in need of fast processing and file storage to stream and store their media and are powered by Adobe Media Server software. Models come in Media Servers and Media Server and Storage bundles with Basic, Advanced, and Superior configurations to ensure there is always server fitting your budget and specifications needed!

Adobe Media Server makes this possible by facilitating publishers and IT Teams in delivering the best HD quality videos to larger audiences than ever before! This powerful software targets a wide variety of internet connected devices and also provides features such as dynamic media encryption to ensure your broadcasts are high quality as well as safe!

Aventis Systems is proud to offer all of our Media Servers and Media Server and Storage Bundles with a 3 Year Aventis Essentials comprehensive warranty with upgrades available to Express NBD parts replacement and Extended Warranties as well as Onsite Hardware Support. So shop our options below and power your media broadcasting and video storage with a powerful plug and play server solution, Aventis Systems Media Servers!