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Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

In this ever changing threat landscape, business become increasingly concerned due to the number of advanced attacks capable of hiding themselves as legitimate sources or that attack new and unknown vulnerabilities, and evade typical network and software security solutions. Symantec Advanced Threat Protection addresses these attacks as a unified solution across all control points, uncovering and prioritizing advanced attacks entering an organization through their network! Made for easy integration with existing Symantec Endpoint security solutions, it takes less than one hour to install Symantec Advanced Threat Protection and start uncovering attacks that could not be detected by standard security protocols. Feel safer with your network data and systems through features such as:

  • Symantec Cynic a cloud based sandboxing and payload detonation service that automatically submits all of the suspicious files entering your business and leverages advanced machine learning analysis to detect even the most hidden attacks!
  • Symantec Synapse Correlation that utilizes existing Symantec Endpoint Protection installations to prioritize events across all of your business control points!
  • Symantec Insight for identifying suspicious files through a series of best in class techniques!
  • Symantec Vantage that identifies suspicious incoming network traffic and locates machines inside a business network in communication with malicious command and control servers!
  • Symantec DeepSight that assures you always have the most up to date view of new attack sources on the Internet!

Aventis Systems offers licenses for Symantec Advanced Threat Protection with Endpoint, Symantec Advanced Threat Protection with Endpoint and Email, and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection with Endpoint, Email, and Network to our customers. These subscription licenses all come with support and are available in 1, 2, and 3 Year subscriptions as well as 1 Year renewals after your initial licensing expires. So shop our products below and bring the best unified security solution for protecting against advanced threats to your business today with Symantec Advanced Threat Protection!

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