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The Top Three Benefits of Having One Provider for All Onsite Support

The Top Three Benefits of Having One Provider for All Onsite Support

One of the biggest headaches for IT departments in small and mid-sized businesses is emergency onsite support for equipment and hardware. Support is often mission critical and almost always purchased from multiple vendors.

Managing support and maintenance agreements from all these vendors — while at the same time minimizing unexpected downtimes that can negatively impact day-to-day operations — puts a huge burden on your already overloaded IT staff.

One simple way to take some of the pressure off your IT department is to consolidate all hardware maintenance under a single agreement and outsource onsite support to one provider. By doing this, you can streamline onsite support for all your hardware and equipment, regardless of where it was originally purchased.

What are the top three game-changing benefits of having a single provider for all your onsite hardware and equipment support?

#1: One Point of Contact
Consolidating all your business equipment under a single provider eliminates the hassle of juggling numerous warranties from various manufacturers. With one point of contact — and one agreement — you and your IT department don’t have to spend your limited resources chasing down support techs and managing multiple, complicated manufacturers’ warranties and expiration dates.

A single point of contact for onsite IT support enables businesses to develop a relationship with their field technicians. As a result, technicians are able to fix issues and emergencies more easily because they are already familiar with your business infrastructure, as well as all your hardware and equipment. Not only can they fix your current IT issues, but they can also serve as a trusted advisor and recommend technologies that can help your business grow in the future.

#2: Cost Savings
A single onsite support provider gives businesses the peace of mind that systems and hardware are always protected. A comprehensive maintenance support program ensures that all your mission-critical hardware and equipment is covered in case of failure.

This allows SMBs to better budget their IT dollars for the year because there are no unplanned maintenance expenses. Contracts can typically be negotiated for single or multiple consecutive years, enabling you to spread out support expenditures evenly over the length of the contract.

#3: Speed of Service
By having a single provider for all the business’s hardware support, you’ll receive faster, more dependable service. When you call a helpline, you shouldn’t have to work your way through an automated phone system, only to connect with someone who can’t solve your problem. Instead, a technician should answer the phone to address the issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

In addition to providing fast, reliable phone support, a quality onsite support provider will send experienced field engineers to your office to fix the issue immediately when a problem or emergency occurs.

Equipped to service hardware from a wide range of vendors, technicians can install replacement parts or maintain your system equipment onsite, as well as provide around-the-clock phone and remote support for hardware 365 days a year.

The Importance of Onsite IT Support
The truth is, not all technical issues can be handled remotely or over the phone. Onsite technical support providers handle everything from your servers and laptops to tablets, security and support services, and more right in your office, so you can minimize downtimes and potential interruptions to the business.

A qualified outsourcer provides experienced, high-quality technicians that can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems and fix issues before they have a negative impact on productivity. These technicians have a broad base of technical expertise and can work on equipment models from a wide range of manufacturers.

Through outsourcing this support to a single, third-party provider, in-house IT departments can relax. Instead of being sidelined by emergencies and constantly having to put out IT fires, you can focus your attention on more strategic business needs.

Custom Onsite Hardware Support from Aventis Systems
Aventis Systems now offers Custom Onsite Hardware Support to better fit the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. No matter where your hardware was purchased, Aventis Systems provides customized, comprehensive maintenance support for all your important equipment.

This revolutionary new service includes next-day replacement and onsite labor, which is available Mondays through Saturdays. Experienced field engineers are always available to install replacement parts to maintain your system equipment. Customers also receive 24-hour phone support 365 days a year.

Service Level Agreements are available in one, two, three or six-year terms to help businesses of all sizes avoid hassles and maintain budget constraints.

No matter where you buy your hardware, you can now consolidate everything under a single support contract with Aventis. We are proud to be the only company in the IT industry to offer this type of onsite support package — a level of service that is unmatched, even by original equipment manufacturers.

To learn more about Onsite Hardware Support Custom from Aventis Systems, contact our team of experts today at 1-855-AVENTIS.