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The Importance of Local IT Support for Your Business

In a business world that depends on connectivity and speed, having the right IT support is critical for success. Every organization, regardless of its size, needs reliable support to stay competitive, attain greater flexibility in operations and maintain customer confidence.

All of those roads, of course, lead back to profitability. The worth of your IT support can be linked directly to profits, so it’s critical to select the IT support team that is best for your business. Partnering with a dependable local IT support company is one way to improve your IT operations while also doing what’s best for your bottom line. The Value of Outside IT Support

The internet has opened the door for small businesses to compete with much larger organizations. Gone are the days when a business had to depend on a local customer base; today, with the right approach, you can find customers around the globe and build a strong online presence.

But that opportunity comes with a tremendous responsibility to be available and responsive to customers’ needs. That means that when an IT issue occurs, it has to be managed and corrected immediately. Small businesses who try to manage their IT in-house may find that it’s costly and less productive than hiring an outside support company or managed services provider (MSP) that specializes in IT. With an MSP, you can control IT costs, reduce the cost of hiring and training an IT staff, can implement new technology quickly and, ultimately, focus on what you need to do most: run your business.

It’s no surprise that, given the cost and security benefits of outside IT support, nearly 90% of small to midsize businesses say they would consider hiring an MSP. While there are many companies to choose from, finding a local IT support provider can have distinct advantages for your business.

Why Do You Need Local IT Support?

Although it’s beneficial for your business to find customers beyond your local community, outsourcing your IT to a company that’s far away probably is not the best decision for your SMB. When you have an IT problem that needs to be addressed immediately, you want to be able to reach your MSP in minutes vs. hours or even days. With a local IT support provider, you have someone on your side who understands your needs, the business community around you and, most likely, has a similar company culture. You can build a personal working relationship rather than being just another voice on the other end of the phone call. Many companies find that a local MSP provides more efficient and personal service than national or global companies. When needed, they can provide on-site support, and chances are that they’ll be able to connect you with other businesses in the community that might be worthwhile for you to know and do business with.

6 Things Local IT Support Can Do for You

While it’s natural to immediately think about costs, when you’re considering IT support you must also think about value. What value will the MSP you’re considering deliver to you? Can they add value to your company, or are they just going to save you money on IT services?

The right company will be a partner that can advise on new solutions, resolve your problems quickly and is able to help your company grow. Let’s look at six things a good local IT support company can do for you.

No. 1: Implement Appropriate IT Solutions

To grow your business, you need to have the right technology in place. A good local IT support partner will help evaluate your overall needs, assess your current situation and then provide the best solution based on what you want to achieve. Whether you need to buy new hardware or upgrade your software, could benefit from a different internet provider or need to beef up your security, the right MSP will help you find the solutions that best fit your operational needs while being mindful of your budget.

No. 2: Maintain IT Systems

The work doesn’t end once your infrastructure is installed. It takes an expert to properly maintain your systems and make sure that your firmware and hardware receives regular upgrades. Having a local team that specializes in keeping infrastructures secure and updated will take the pressure off your own employees to maintain the equipment. Another benefit of having a professional team manage your infrastructure is that it ensures they’re watching for new viruses or security issues before the average person even hears about them.

No. 3: Monitor Usage

One thing that technology can’t necessarily override is human error. Even if you have the right security in place, your computer network can still be violated. It’s possible for employees to inadvertently allow a security breach, or in some cases, that breach can be a malicious reaction from a disgruntled employee. When you work with an MSP, your usage is monitored by technical support staff; this can help prevent data breaches by outside attackers as well as alert you to any situations where employees are using resources inappropriately.

No. 4: Educate internal IT Staff

Staying on top of all the changes within the IT world is difficult for most people, but for IT professionals, it’s part of the job. Your local IT support team can keep you educated on the latest phishing, spoofing and ransomware attacks; it will also track the newest schemes hackers are using to trick employees into providing them with network access or sensitive information. A good local IT support team can also keep your staff educated on new computer hardware, software and network systems.

No. 5: Prevent Data Breaches

The most recent Cost of a Data Breach survey put the average price tag for a breach at just under $4 million. A data breach can be devastating for companies of any size, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable: More than half of all small businesses suffered a data breach in 2019, and 60% of small businesses go under within six months of such a breach. Having local IT support watching your network makes you less vulnerable to breaches as well as data loss, legal issues and loss of customer trust that accompanies such a breach.

No. 6: Maximize Profit

When you spend your budget for local IT support, you can also spend less time worrying about things like data breaches and technology failures. You won’t have unpleasant budgeting surprises for time employees spend working around the clock trying to find a bug or fix a problem. It’s the easiest way to maximize your time and resources to keep your business growing and thriving.

Are You Ready for Local IT Support?

When you’re ready to turn your IT headaches over to a professional company, it’s a good idea to “ shop locally.” Find out how a good MSP partnership can benefit you and help your small business thrive, then call us at 1-855-AVENTIS to see what we can do for you.

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