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Benefits of Plug and Play Email Servers

Imagine, just for a moment, what it would be like to try to run your business without email — even just for a day. Or an hour.

Email has become the most widely used form of technology-based communication in the modern business world, and even as new communication tools are developed, email remains essential. It provides a documented, universal way to communicate both internally and externally, is used in virtually every type of business and profession and allows for better collaboration between teams.

With so much of our business world depending on successful email communication, it’s critical that you’re able to rely on your email to be available when you need it. Setting up an email server is a complicated and often time-consuming process, so being able to use a plug and play server will save time, money and ensure that you’re up and running in just minutes.

At the same time, you can have confidence that your business data is secure and not accessible by third parties, and you’ll eliminate the monthly expenses associated with cloud email server hosting costs.

In that case, a plug and play email server could be exactly what your business needs.

Two Types of Plug and Play Email Servers

Plug and play email servers provide an effective, affordable and relatively simple option for businesses who want to manage their own email. Small and midsize businesses find them particularly attractive, and for good reasons:
1. They’re affordable
2. They’re reliable
3. They’re preconfigured and ready to use right out of the box

Let’s look at two different types of servers, Microsoft Exchange Servers and Synology MailPlus Servers. Both are designed to make managing your own email server simple without sacrificing security, and the right option will depend upon your individual business needs.

Understanding the Benefits of Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange accounts are used by businesses and schools, and they’re an excellent option for businesses ranging from medium-sized all the way to enterprises. With an Exchange account, email messages are delivered to the worker’s mailbox on the exchange server. They can be set up to access the emails one of several different ways, such as Exchange ActiveSync, which lets workers access email on a mobile device; IMAP, which also can access email messages directly from the server on any device, regardless of where they are; and POP email, which downloads the emails from the Exchange server onto the employee’s computer.

Unlike Exchange ActiveSync and IMAP, when the POP email is downloaded to the individual’s computer, it is deleted from the server and can only be accessed on the computer to which it was downloaded.

This approach provides several advantages to businesses, the main one of which is that it centralizes and backs up the email information instead of risking having that information lost. And, because it is designed with built-in defenses against such common email threats as spam, phishing and malware, Exchange has the capability to keep those dangerous threats from reaching your network.

Greater Capabilities Mean Greater Productivity

Exchange is designed to provide businesses with greater productivity, which is why it has such features as scheduling, contact management and calendars that can be shared between staff members to help them be more organized and productive.

And, because it’s designed for remote access, workers can connect and find the information they need from any place at any time.

One additional feature that adds to the appeal of Microsoft Exchange is the Exchange Admin Center, which allows businesses to configure relevant apps (LinkedIn, Skype, Bing Maps, etc.) so that users can easily sync essential data.

Aventis Systems offers different models of Exchange Servers, including the Dell PowerEdge R720XD, the Dell R730XD and the HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8. And, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Aventis Systems provides you with the same level of service and solutions as Microsoft offers.

Plug and Play Solutions from Synology

For small to midsize businesses, Synology’s MailPlus suite is an affordable and reliable way to set up your own private server on your existing Synology NAS without adding extra costs or IT consultation.

MailPlus has many of the same advantages of Microsoft Exchange, such as maintaining the privacy of your data and eliminating the monthly hosting costs of a cloud-based server. It works best for those with a smaller email volume who don’t want or need the elaborate features of Exchange.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Microsoft Exchange, it has plenty of collaborative tools to help improve productivity for a smaller number of users. It allows for shared email mailboxes and address books, which helps team members track projects they’re working on together and ensure that all relevant team members are included in communications.

In addition to the many email advantages it delivers, MailPlus has a calendar task plug-in for keeping track of deadlines and events and the option of adding events from emails directly into the calendar. It also offers a Chat plug-in that allows for immediate work conversations while using the email function.

Synology provides several different options when it comes to their plug and play email servers, and Aventis Systems carries four servers: RackStation RS818RP+, DiskStation DS3018xs, RackStation RS2818RP+ and FlashStation FS1018. Because Aventis Systems is also a Synology Partner, we’re committed to delivering the same standard of service and care that you would get directly from the manufacturer.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Server

Every server that’s sold by Aventis Systems is configured by our team of experts to meet the specific hardware specifications. We understand the customization options for software licensing and email server hardware components, so we can help you find the right plug and play email server for your business needs.

We also offer a full menu of set-up services to make sure that your system is ready when you are. We can do a rush build if your business needs to get a server up and running ASAP.

With so many options available that are tailored to small- and medium-sized businesses, there’s no reason to have to pay a monthly hosting fee for cloud-based storage for your email. Save money, ensure complete privacy of your emails and data and encourage greater productivity among your employees with the extensive number of features offered by plug and play email servers.

Call Aventis Systems at 1.855.AVENTIS (283.6847) to learn more about what Synology Email Server or Exchange Email Server is best for you.

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