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Benefits of 3rd Party Office 365 Support

Microsoft Office 365 is indispensable for the modern office as it offers streamlined collaboration that is built to help businesses thrive.

Harnessing the full capabilities of Office 365 requires knowledge, training, and customer support. Otherwise, you might be missing out on the many great features and options that it has to offer. Office 365 is always updating, and having top-notch customer support provides the expertise to solve issues and make sure everything is up to date. Having a support team handling your Office 365 saves you time and allows you to focus more on your business.

As a third-party support system, Microsoft Gold Partners can help businesses get the help they need when they need it. This certification signifies that a partner has achieved the highest standards to bring quality support to customers. Working with a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner for third-party support helps businesses get the most out of their Microsoft investments through the following benefits:

US-Based Support

Currently, Microsoft has ten worldwide call centers some are in the US, but many of them are in South America, China and Europe. Unfortunately, there is no way the customer can control which center they are connected to. Getting connected to an international call center can cause confusion and frustration when the rep does not have strong English This break in communication can often cause delays in getting questions answered and issues resolved, only to result in your employees time wasted.

That is why many customers prefer to speak with US-based call centers. Customers can connect with a local Gold Partner by searching through Microsoft’s Partner network. This way, you can be assured that there will be clear communication whenever you call a representative.

Human Interaction

Initially, when dealing with Microsoft directly, issues can only be submitted virtually. They will use an AI virtual assistant to try to answer questions before escalating your request to a real person. While the technology is impressive, it is far from perfect and misunderstandings can happen. Typically, their answers direct you to articles that you must sift through to find the information you need. If that information doesn’t answer your question, only then can you schedule an appointment for customer service. For those short on time or with limited technical experience, the back-and-forth online support and endless articles can be a hassle that draws out the problem.

Choosing third-party support from a Certified Gold Partner allows you to speak with a professional about your problem, often immediately. It’s a faster and more convenient way for customers to resolve their issues and get their questions answered without the back-and-forth of online support.

Fast Response Time

The individuals that admin software live busy lives and few have time to wait for their technical issues to be resolved. Since Office 365 is vital for business operations, problems can result in downtime. According to a CloudRadar survey, downtime can cost a business up to $10,000 for every hour it takes to recover from a crashed application.

By investing in third-party support, downtime can be mitigated since issues are able to be resolved ASAP. This means revenue losses can be avoided. Third-party providers have the bandwidth to get you the help you need quickly, where Microsoft does not. Most third-party support customers get a response in two hours or less and work directly with a Microsoft Certified technical staff member who is fully equipped to get issues resolved quickly.

Superior Expertise

The process of becoming a Gold Partner is not simple as it requires extensive knowledge, testing and verification. A certified partner’s technical team must pass rigorous tests to prove they are thoroughly trained on all issues related to Microsoft technology. To obtain Gold Status the team is also required to demonstrate expertise in various areas, including apps and infrastructure, business applications, data and AI, along with creating more modern workplaces through Microsoft products. The final qualifier includes reference checks of current Microsoft customers to ensure a world-class experience.

Those who choose to work with a Gold partner are assured that their support comes from demonstrated experts that can provide the most reliable assistance.

Assistance for Everyone

Getting customer support directly from Microsoft requires that the administrator contacts them for assistance. However, when the whole office uses the software, it's common that someone other than the administrator will need help. This limitation can cause undue stress on the administrator and delays in resolving issues.

By choosing to work with a third-party provider you eliminate this limitation, so anyone in your office can get the assistance they need. This means you don't have to worry about delays in service if the administrator is out or too busy to handle your issue.

Get Your Questions Answered

For those new to Microsoft, short on time, or lacking technical expertise, the ability to get all of your questions answered is invaluable. However, with basic Microsoft support customers can only get help from chat threads, blogs or support articles. Most business owners do not have time to sift through these articles to find the answers they need.

When you choose to use a Microsoft Gold Partner for third-party support, anyone on your team can reach out to local experts to get issues resolved as quickly as possible. These experts will provide knowledgeable feedback that is unique to your situation and environment in order to help you mitigate downtime.

Having a partner with a thorough understanding of Office 365 allows you to get the most out of your Microsoft investment.

Top Service for Microsoft

Microsoft provides superior technology; third-party support allows customers to get full use of their capabilities. Businesses that work with a Microsoft Gold Partner get convenience, reliability, and expertise for users.

Aventis Systems is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner. To find out more about how we can help you get the most from your Microsoft products, contact us online or give us a call at 1-855-AVENTIS.

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