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The Best Laptops for Working on the Go

The Best Laptops for Working on the Go

Technology has revolutionized the way we shop, how we communicate with one another and especially our ability to work outside the office.

With today’s high-speed internet, file sharing, conferencing applications, time-tracking software and other cloud-based solutions, it has become easier than ever for employees to effectively telecommute from home or while on the go, whether it’s during the workday or on weekends and evenings.

Today’s dynamic work environment provides employees with more flexibility. Not only can coworkers be productive from any location, but they also have the ability to collaborate in real time from virtually anywhere around the globe. In fact, 43% of employed Americans say they worked outside the office at least some of the time in 2017, states a Gallop report.

The cornerstone piece of this new, modern work environment is the laptop. But with all the choices out there, which are the best laptops for working on the go? Our experts weigh in with some of their favorites.

The Dell Latitude

Dell Latitude laptops are an excellent and reliable choice for remote workforces and business users on the go, and they include outstanding support for end users.

These laptops are designed exceptionally well and come equipped with advanced security features, the latest Intel processors, wireless charging, flexible docking options, legacy ports and an extended battery life — all features that help business users work more efficiently and effectively and provide mobile productivity.

The Latitude is available in three series: the 3000, 5000 and 7000. In addition to all the features and functionality of the 3000 and 5000 series, the 7000 series offers best-in-class Wi-Fi materials and has an extremely thin, light and flexible design with even more premium features.

All the Dell Latitude models offer advanced security features such as comprehensive encryption and authentication and malware protection. Dell also offers Dell Data Protection (DDP) solutions, which are designed to help users protect critical data from any location and centrally manage endpoint security and compliance.

These reasonably priced and high-performing business laptops are lightweight, compact and are available in many different models. The extended battery life supports even more productivity on the go, and the Dell Wireless Dock is available for select Latitudes, providing power for up to two external displays, as well as a keyboard and mouse.

The HP ProBook and EliteBook

HP ProBooks are a reliable and cost-effective choice for small to mid-sized business customers, as well as employees who work remotely from home or on the road. These laptops have a sleek and durable design and are available in a variety of screen sizes and configurations.

HP ProBooks have an aluminum-reinforced keyboard and come equipped with HP BIOSphere firmware-level automation that includes automatic updates and security checks. An optional biometric fingerprint reader even enables you to use your fingerprint as your password.

Built for professionals on the go, the ProBook 450 and ProBook 650 series of laptops are reasonably priced, thin, lightweight and packed with productivity features and security solutions. These sleek HP ProBooks come with a wide range of features and configurable options including the latest Intel generation processors. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, so you are always connected!

The EliteBook 840 also has an ultra-thin design and includes many full-size ports. Passwords are combined with hardened PINs or biometrics for more secure authentication, and the HP Sure View integrated privacy screen instantly protects against visual hacking when you are working in a crowded coffee house or other public location.

You can also replace your EliteBook 840 speakerphone with Audio by Bang & Olufsen plus HP Noise Reduction Software to provide an even higher-quality experience while conferencing or using collaboration applications like Skype for Business.

All of HP’s fast-charging batteries provide up to 50% battery life with just 30 minutes of charging — another big benefit to on-the-go users. These machines are also very durable and can even take some bumps and minor spills.

Aventis Systems provides custom upgrades on all of our Dell and HP notebooks, as well as extensive industry-leading coverage to protect and extend the life of all your hardware and equipment.

All the laptops we sell include a 1-year comprehensive Essentials Warranty with optional Secure Drive, Extended Express and Onsite warranty upgrades. Plus, domestic shipping is always free.

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