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How to Convince Your CEO It’s Time to Standardize Software

How to Convince Your CEO It’s Time to Standardize Software

You have a lot on your plate. It doesn’t help when employees are using old, outdated desktops with different software — typically at or past end of life — and applications on each device. The wasted time managing the individual licenses, support patches and updates, along with the compatibility issues, takes its toll on productivity.

Often, this lack of IT continuity is a result of poor planning or allowing individual employees to choose whatever software and applications they want to use. Over the years, a company’s web of technology gets tangled, leaving your small IT department to deal with the fallout.

Is it time for your business to standardize its software? Here are three ways to show your CEO the value of getting everyone on the same page.

#1: Standardizing can make the business more profitable.
The biggest reason to standardize software across the entire company is it can improve overall operations and make the business more efficient, productive and profitable as a result.

Supporting and maintaining multiple disparate software solutions ends up costing the business more than it should. By standardizing software across all users and employees, the business saves money on licensing by taking advantage of multi-license discounts and support deals. When using a single software platform across the company, licensing fees and associated costs are easier to manage.

In addition, it reduces the time and costs associated with IT needing to spend its limited resources on supporting numerous applications.

#2: Efficiency and productivity will improve.
Not only does standardizing your company’s software applications improve compatibility and collaboration between users, it also allows your IT department to work more efficiently. Rather than having to balance support across multiple platforms, you can instead focus on making a single platform work better for the business.

When employees and departments use different software, programs and formats, it makes it more difficult to analyze and report on data. When everyone is on the same page and using the same software, critical information is much easier to access and use. Furthermore, it’s easier to train employees on a single solution.

#3: IT can become less reactive and more strategic.
When small IT departments with limited resources are forced to spend their time putting out fires and managing numerous disparate support patches, updates and licenses, they have less time to work on strategic IT issues that can actually improve the business and help it operate more efficiently.

When software is standardized, IT can be less reactive and spend more time on the issues that really matter, like ensuring the network runs smoothly with as little downtime as possible and helping successfully support the business.

Software Implementation Made Easy
Is your business ready to standardize, but you don’t know where to start? First, take a look at the business as a whole and start by standardizing where the most benefits can be gained. Consider the applications that are being used now. Which ones are the least efficient? What is problematic for users?

Once you have decided on a new software solution, successful implementation and employee training can take some time. Aventis Systems offers Software Implementation services to make it easier than ever to standardize to a new operating system or application version.

Our engineers will design and implement a complete migration plan for your business, whether you are changing software or application providers across the business, updating your server’s operating system, preparing for a software patch or moving applications from a physical host to the cloud.

Our Operating System Installation Services can save you valuable time and reduce the hassles associated with any new implementation. Our team of experts is familiar with a wide range of operating systems and can quickly install them across any hardware platform. Operating system installations include Windows Server, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server and much more.

With Aventis Systems’s Application Installation Services, you can simplify the application deployment and configuration process. Our technicians will oversee the application rollout across multiple servers and can customize the application configuration based on individual customer requirements when needed.

Our application installations include Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD and Intuit QuickBooks.

To learn more about how to efficiently standardize software and applications across your business, contact our team of experts today at 1-855-AVENTIS.