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Five Key Benefits of Aventis Systems' Partnership With Bitdefender

Five Key Benefits of Aventis Systems' Partnership With Bitdefender

Small and mid-sized businesses aren't immune to cyber threats. Though they need the same security monitoring and management as larger enterprise companies, SMBs often lack the budget and IT resources to manage a first-class security platform.

Leading internet security technology firm Bitdefender solves that problem by providing dependable security at a reasonable price. Aventis Systems is proud to be partnering with Bitdefender and offering its state-of-the-art security products to small and mid-sized business clients.

Bitdefender offers a threat-protection solution for every size of business, protecting more than 500 million users worldwide including single users, homes, small businesses and even enterprise data centers. With Bitdefender, a threat can be detected, anticipated and neutralized in as little as three seconds.

The Bitdefender GravityZone Security product line is the ideal solution to keep SMBs safe from common malware and evolving cyber threats.

Before making the switch to Bitdefender through Aventis Systems, you'll want to know what's in it for you. Here are five key benefits that will help you answer that important question.

#1: Ideal for SMBs

Antivirus software platforms should meet the unique needs of the SMBs they protect. While some businesses require mobile-device management, for example, others may not.

Bitdefender products are not only reasonably priced, they are also flexible enough to be a perfect fit for any small to mid-sized business.

Solutions can cover any system in any environment — big or small, Windows, Mac or Linux. Security coverage is available for a broad range of end-user devices, mobile devices, virtual environments and workstations, as well as physical and mail servers.

Bitdefender's scalable architecture, high availability and overall performance also make it easy to adapt to your changing business requirements. Solutions can grow with your needs and are versatile enough for both agent-based and agentless licensing environments.

#2: Fastest Response Time

Bitdefender has the fastest response time to detected threats of any product on the market today. With a response time of only 8.08 hours, Bitdefender easily leads its closest competitor, which clocks in at 62.34 hours. This is largely due to the fact that Bitdefender issues new signature updates around once an hour to ensure constant protection.

A firewall monitors traffic entering and exiting the network, making sure malware is never overlooked. Remote device detection, also included, scans removable media devices to ensure they are not infected with malware.

Scanning and updates are effortless with Bitdefender. The software automatically updates the virus database and runs a scan without troubling you to manually start the process.

#3: Easy Integrations and Deployment

Many small businesses have limited dedicated IT resources, so easy installation, deployment and integration are a must. Bitdefender's software is easy to navigate and provides a timeline of recent threats and activity, as well as a web portal for easy management.

Integration and development efforts are painless thanks to Bitdefender's comprehensive documentation and descriptive samples. There is no longer a need to sign binaries with vendor keys, and that ultimately speeds release cycles and ongoing maintenance.

Customers can analyze virus databases and user information with more detail and control through short-string license serial numbers, which can also be embedded into their own license for further customization and easy integration.

Rollouts are simple in both agentless and agent-based environments. Bitdefender provides a turnkey virtual container deployment, automatic uninstalls for legacy end-point clients and integration with Microsoft Active Directory. It also offers competitive upgrade options and discounts for qualifying bids.

#4: Flexibility

Bitdefender gives you the option to rebrand the software to create your own anti-virus solution. Choose to keep the Bitdefender name or repackage the solution as your own product.

Bitdefender also offers a wide range of coverage and renewal terms including one- to three-year subscription and renewal licenses for its products. The coverage level depends on the type and number of devices or endpoints covered, the number of users and which operating system will be used for the device.

#5: Industry Leader

Bitdefender is globally recognized for its top-rated antivirus solutions and has won numerous awards including the 2013 Best Protection Award and Best Performance Award by AV-Test, an internationally recognized third-party antivirus testing lab. Bitdefender is also a five-time winner of PC Magazine's Product of the Year.

An industry leader in malware detection software, Bitdefender outranks companies such as AVG, Kaspersky, Norman and Avast. Its impressive 97.3% rate of detection guarantees protection.

As an added benefit, Bitdefender's GravityZone products for virtualized environments have been recognized for having the smallest resource footprint on the market for security software, making them ideal for even the oldest devices.

Bitdefender is the clear leader when it comes to overall security features including antivirus, firewalls, spam filters, system optimization, password management and much more. With Bitdefender, you get the protection and security performance you need with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to adopt.

On top of all of this, Bitdefender's exceptional 24/7 support is another key differentiator. Direct, around-the-clock support is available by phone or e-mail for all subscription licenses.

For more information on Bitdefender's solution suite, contact Aventis Systems today.