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2019 Best Selling Laptop Predictions

With so many options available, finding the best laptop can be a daunting task. Whether you need a rugged, lightweight model that’s perfect for business travels or a larger-screened workhorse for presentations on the go, there’s one that fits your needs. But where do you begin sorting through your many choices?

More options can mean more confusion, particularly given how much the market has changed in recent years. The addition of touchscreens, kickstands and 2-in-1 models that double as tablets have changed how we interact with machines as well as how they respond. The best business laptops have speed, power and reliability, so you can take on whatever your workday throws at you.

While no one can say with complete certainty which laptops will lead the pack in 2019, here’s a look at six machines that have the potential to become the best selling laptops of the year.

Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop PC

If you’re concerned about the environment, Dell’s E-laptop family is going to win you over. This eco-friendly line is free of BFR and PVC, has recyclable packaging and is Energy Star-certified. Its power adapters are even energy efficient.

But there’s more to love than just its green approach; the Latitude E6430 is remarkably productive and tough. It boasts an Intel Core i5-3320M dual-core processor, which makes it speedy and efficient. With a Tri-Metal casing, magnesium alloy-wrapped corners, steel hinges and features like a StrikeZone shock absorber and rubber hard drive isolation that keeps data safe from drops and vibrations, this machine is a true road warrior. It has a spill-resistant keyboard and LCD protective seal to withstand accidents. The 14” HD anti-glare display is easy on the eyes.

Best for: Environmentally-minded users on the go

Dell Latitude 5280 12.5” Laptop

The Latitude 5280 is a compact laptop with two things that business travelers are looking for: a small profile and a stellar battery life. The Intel Core i5-7200U dual-core CPU gives solid, speedy performance and it has a simple, sturdy design that features a good-looking black matte polymer shell.

Inside, a polycarbonate keyboard deck offers greater comfort than many of its competitors, while the backlit feature of the keys is helpful as well. This small book can take a beating, too, as it’s designed to work in temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees to 140 degrees F, as well as withstand shocks, drops and dust.

Best for: Business travelers who need long battery life and a lightweight portable

HP ProBook 455 G4 A9-9410 15.6” Laptop

HP infuses progressive style and top performance into the budget-minded ProBook 455. Its aluminum reinforced keyboard deck is both eye-catching and durable, and it’s packed with security features such as the HP BIOSphere to protect against malware and security attacks, embedded TPM to protect data and more.

The 455 is thin and light, making it ultra-portable, and it’s also perfect for meetings thanks to the HP Noise Cancellation Software that cuts out ambient noise, including keyboard clicks. Cost-effective and energy efficient, it’s the perfect travel companion at an easy-to-love price point.

Best for: Business users who value portability but want a bigger screen

HP ProBook X360 G2 EE i5-7Y54 11.6” Laptop

As one of the best tools around when it comes to encouraging collaboration, the small but mighty ProBook X360 convertible can go from a notebook to a tablet to a stand to a tent. In short, it can perform in whatever way you need it to. Its stellar combination of innovation, security and multimedia capabilities make it a winner in any work environment. In tablet mode, it allows you to draw, and you can also take notes right on the screen.

It’s designed to take on the rigors of the road, with an industrial rubber housing and a spill-resistant keyboard. The Intel Core i5-7Y54 dual-core CPU allows multiple applications and programs to run simultaneously, without skimping on productivity and speed.

Best for: Users who demand multiple uses, from a tablet to a tented display unit

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 Laptop

The name lets you know that this one is up for some tough tasks. If you’re looking for sleek and skinny, this isn’t the right laptop for you. But when you need a laptop that you can take pretty much anywhere, Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-53 just might be your perfect match.

Though bulkier than most, it remains your best choice if your work environment includes rugged conditions that might make most laptops sputter. Flaps protect the ports from outside elements, and the handle on the rugged-looking case makes it easy to carry (and might indulge that inner spy fantasy you’ve been harboring). Other machines have better battery life, but no other laptop matches the Toughbook when it comes to sheer brawn.

Best for: Workers in the field who are exposed to weather and rugged conditions

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) i5-7300U 12.3” Tablet and Laptop

The 2017 model of the Surface Pro introduced several updates from its 2015 version but, from a design standpoint, the changes are subtle. The new model is lighter and boasts rounder edges, and it benefits from a fanless design as well as a more flexible kickstand that lets it reach a lower angle.

It’s the inner tweaks and additions that make it worth the wait. The Surface Pro now supports Windows Hello facial recognition for a faster, more secure log-in. The Pro continues to be an excellent option for creative/artistic professionals, with an improved Surface Pen that allows 4,096 levels of pressure and rates high for responsiveness overall. Plus, with Intel’s latest CPU, it has better performance and improved battery life, making it the perfect device when you want to combine portability with productivity.

Best for: Creative types looking for a responsive lightweight option

The idea of what makes the best business laptop varies from one company to the next, and even from one department to another. Each of these laptops has excellent features and strong performance capabilities. Knowing what conditions it will be used in and what you need to get from its performance can help you find the one that best fits your needs — and can handle whatever your workday demands of it.

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