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Why IT Teams Spare No Expense For A Spare Kit

It's 2019, time is limited, time is money and frustration begins to set in once your time is wasted. Sounds familiar? Do you find yourself racking your brain for ways to avoid this frustration?

Truth is, from a young age we learn the value of having a spare, we grasp the societal norm to have spare tires, house/car keys, even toilet paper. Imagine blowing a tire on the freeway on your way to an interview for your dream job, and you have no spare. What can you do? Without that spare, you can kiss your dream job goodbye and by the time you're able to get a new tire, that interview is over.

The value of having a spare is immense, especially for IT teams when it comes to their critical infrastructure. Now imagine you have a hard drive failure on a Friday afternoon of a 3-day weekend, you have no spare parts. Best case scenario, you can order a new hard drive right then and there, but the earliest it will arrive is Tuesday, resulting in 3 days of downtime. As much as we would like to see the best-case scenario for this situation, it is often not the case. This is why we created The Aventis Systems Spare Kit!

We understand IT professionals like yourself lay awake at night thinking of ways to better protect your organization. It can feel like a never-ending battle. With Aventis Systems Spare Kits, you can ease most of the worries of experiencing a server and storage hardware failure. This kit contains fully compatible high-quality parts for your systems that way when you experience downtime everything you need is already on hand. This quick and easy replacement allows the highest level of system uptime without having to wait for the shipment of parts or for vendor services.

If you do not have a spare kit already, do not wait for a hardware failure to occur, check out this infographic of what our spare kits contain and the value they can bring to your company in the event of failure. disaster recovery.

Checkout the Aventis Systems Spare Kit Infographic

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