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Seagate Nytro Solid State Drives

Get the best in enterprise class reliability and speed with the ultra fast Seagate Nytro SSDs here!

Seagate Nytro SAS solid state drives are the highest performance SSD storage product ideal for all flash arrays, server virtualization, caching and tiering, software defined storage, and OLTP databases! With read speeds of up to 1900 MB/s and write speeds of up to 850 MB/s these powerful Seagate Nytro SAS SSD products deliver ultra low latency and high endurance, ideal for applications for content streaming and other read intensive workloads. Also, in addition to performance the Nytro SSD models are all built to keep your data safer! Enjoy robust security features such as advanced error correction, integrated power loss data protection circuits, and self encrypting models for the best in enterprise data protection hardware! Aventis Systems now carries a wide range of capacities and endurance levels in our Seagate Nytro SAS SSDs. Choose models ranging from 400GB to 3.84TB and pick the endurance rating best for your business workloads from Light Endurance (LE), Mainstream Endurance (ME), and Scalable Endurance (SE)!

Aventis Systems provides a 1 Year Essentials comprehensive hardware replacement warranty on all of our Seagate Nytro solid state drives with upgrades available to Secure Drive media retention, Extended 2 Year term, and Express next business day parts replacement. What is the Secure Drive media retention warranty? This warranty program allows special security to storage customers during service or parts replacement as it lets them keep their original hard drive, ideal for businesses with data security compliance and disposal regulations! So shop our Seagate Nytro SSD products below and bring the best in enterprise SAS solid state drive performance to your business today!