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Seagate Exos-E Hard Drives

Find the best in Enterprise class SAS hard drives for any enterprise-class storage workload here!

Seagate Exos-E hard drives are the safest and most powerful enterprise class HDD products worldwide! Made for always on production storage environments the Seagate Exos E hard drives have the most advanced features for optimizing storage performance, delivering data security, and making user defined storage management easy! The Exos-E hard drive product line is unmatched in reliability and are designed to perform consistently, even under the heaviest of workloads. Aventis Systems is now offering Seagate Exos E series HDDs in a variety of capacities and disk formats from the Exos 7E8 series, Exos 7E2000 series, Exos 10E2400 series, Exos 10E300 series, and Exos 15E900 series. Key features and Seagate Exos specifications by series are:

  • Seagate Exos 7E8 series are purpose built for quick access and bulk data storage with high capacity options up to 8TB, a 3.5” footprint, multiple disk formats, advanced write cache, and Seagate Secure SED options available!
  • Seagate Exos 7E2000 series made for high density and low power consumption storage boosted by advanced write cache for faster response time with up to 2TB capacity, 2.5” form factor, multiple disk formats, and Seagate Secure SED models to choose from!
  • Seagate Exos 10E2400 and 10E300 series combine the industries most reliable and high capacity 10K SAS hard drive with powerful features such as multiple formats including Fast Format switching, Seagate Secure SED models, 2.5” footprint, PowerChoice, RAID Rebuilt, and enhanced caching!
  • Seagate Exos 15E900 series are the industry’s fastest SAS HDD with up to 100% faster write performance! Purpose built for production storage and high density data centers the powerful Exos 15900 series comes with enhanced caching, Fast Format disk formats, and Self Encryption Drive (SED) models to choose from!

All of the Aventis Systems Seagate Exos-E hard drives come with a standard 1 Year Essentials parts replacement warranty with upgrades available to Extended terms, Express NBD drive replacement, and Secure Drive hard drive retention warranties to choose from. So check out our models below, and bring the best in purpose built enterprise storage to your business or datacenter today with the Seagate Exos-E Hard Drives!