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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is one of the most versatile options in the Enterprise Linux Server platform variants. This scalable solution is perfect for growing businesses with limited virtualization needs.

Entitlement: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server supports one physical node and two virtual nodes, with entitlement for two socket licenses. If you have more than two sockets on your system, purchase additional licenses by adding additional quantity to your cart.

Support: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is available with Standard or Premium Support Levels. Standard Support Level features unlimited web and phone support during standard business hours, perfect for development or non-mission critical systems. Premium Support is ideal for production and mission-critical system, featuring unlimited web and phone support, including 24x7 availability and expedited response time for high-severity issues.

Help Me Choose: Subscription vs. Renewal Licenses
A Red Hat Subscription License is more than just enterprise-grade software. A subscription provides ongoing updates and expert support services to deploy the Red Hat Linux platform, and ensures that your systems remain reliable and secure. Select Red Hat Subscription Licenses if you do not yet have an active Red Hat Linux Server system deployed.

Select Red Hat Renewal License to keep your existing Red Hat subscription active. It’s important to keep your subscriptions active for access to continual enhancements from Red Hat through regular updates that provide additional features and new hardware support, get bug fixes, and enjoy the flexibility to deploy any version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including future upgrades. Support services, as well as access to Red Hat Network’s automated software delivery and update capability, are also extended with a renewal.