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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Entry Level is an affordable option for SMBs looking to take advantage of Red Hat’s innovative platforms without the enterprise pricing.

Entitlement: Red Hat Linux Entry Level supports one physical node and no virtual nodes, with entitlement for two socket licenses. Unlike Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, Entry Level subscriptions are not stackable to allow for scaling above two sockets and virtual instances are not supported.

Support: Red Hat Linux Entry Level licenses include Self-Support. Self-Support Level offers entitlement to register the RHEL system on Red Hat’s Customer Portal, complete access to package updates and errata links, and access to Red Hat’s knowledgebase articles and portal discussions. Users can open support tickets for issues related to Red Hat Network update/registration or issues related to yup update, however this subscription does not include any support for any operating system related issue beyond knowledgebase articles or Portal group discussions. If you require OS support, please view our Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server products.

Help Me Choose: Subscription vs. Renewal Licenses
A Red Hat Subscription License is more than just enterprise-grade software. A subscription provides ongoing updates and expert support services to deploy the Red Hat Linux platform, and ensures that your systems remain reliable and secure. Select Red Hat Subscription Licenses if you do not yet have an active Red Hat Linux Server system deployed.

Select Red Hat Renewal License to keep your existing Red Hat subscription active. It’s important to keep your subscriptions active for access to continual enhancements from Red Hat through regular updates that provide additional features and new hardware support, get bug fixes, and enjoy the flexibility to deploy any version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including future upgrades. Support services, as well as access to Red Hat Network’s automated software delivery and update capability, is also extended with a renewal.