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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Desktops or Workstations

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Desktops and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Workstations platforms provide a secure foundation for productivity to meet the needs of end users and the administrators alike. Red Hat provides support for the latest graphics cards and multi-core systems for those that require high-performance systems for virtualization, design, or simulation. Installations can be tailored specifically for the user to provide a simple, secure task workstation on any desktop, laptop or workstation.

Help Me Choose: Subscription vs. Renewal Licenses
A Red Hat Subscription License is more than just enterprise-grade software. A subscription provides ongoing updates and expert support services to deploy the Red Hat Linux platform, and ensures that your systems remain reliable and secure. Select Red Hat Subscription Licenses if you do not yet have an active Red Hat Linux installation deployed.

Select Red Hat Renewal License to keep your existing Red Hat subscription active. It’s important to keep your subscriptions active for access to continual enhancements from Red Hat through regular updates that provide additional features and new hardware support, get bug fixes, and enjoy the flexibility to deploy any version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including future upgrades. Support services, as well as access to Red Hat Network’s automated software delivery and update capability, are also extended with a renewal.