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Microsoft SQL 2016

Microsoft continues to set the standard for relationship database management with the new Microsoft SQL Server 2016! Workloads are delivered with better performance than ever with a new platform allowing for hybrid cloud. This hybrid cloud platform empowers IT Professionals using SQL Server 2016 to build, deploy, and manage their database spanning from on-premise to the cloud.

Aventis Systems offers Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in licensing by host server and by core. Per core licensing gives customers a more accurate measure of computing power and a more consistent way to measure licensing needs. User CALs are also offered to ensure your business stays covered with Microsoft licensing terms. Shop below to get the best in database management with Microsoft SQL Server 2016!

Licenses CALs
Shop here for the best in SQL Server 2016 Standard and Enterprise licenses!
Get your users licensed to connect with your SQL Server 2016 Database. Shop our User and CAL options here!
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