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How to Find and Implement the Best Server Solution for Your Business

How to Find and Implement the Best Server Solution for Your Business

Finding and implementing the right dedicated server for your business can be a complicated, expensive and extremely time-consuming process.

One of the best ways to make your next server purchase and implementation simpler and faster is to skip the guesswork and go with a turnkey solution. A trusted third-party provider can build and implement a customized server configuration to fit all your business needs, as well as your budget.

Custom-built servers and bundles are built specifically for your business and feature optimized specifications for whatever you need — from file backup to media storage, virtualization hosting and more.

Benefits of a Turnkey Server Solution
A turnkey server solution can be easily implemented into your current business processes without a lot of additional configuration. These server solutions are designed to fulfill a certain process such as content management or billing, for example, and are immediately ready to use as soon as they are implemented.

With a customized turnkey server solution, you’ll have the ideal custom server configuration for the dedicated role your business needs without all the guesswork. All you have to do is connect it to your network, and you’re ready to roll. Turnkey server solutions from Aventis Systems are customized by role and provide a wide variety of options to choose from in Basic, Advanced and Superior configurations with many available upgrades.

Customized File and Backup Servers
Customized file and backup servers from Aventis are designed for businesses that need a cost-effective way to manage, protect and store their increasing amount of data.

The Dell PowerEdge R410 File/Backup Server Basic is an ideal server configuration for small office application file storage with a capacity of up to 32 TB, dual Intel Xeon processors and memory up to 128 GB. The Dell PowerEdge R510 File/Backup Server Advanced is a great fit for businesses with extensive data storage requirements such as rich media storage, video surveillance systems and backup for big design host servers. This server configuration has a storage capacity of up to 96 TB, dual Xeon processors and memory capacity of up to 128GB.

For businesses that need a file or backup solution for mission-critical workloads, the Dell PowerEdge R720XD File/Backup Server Superior configuration includes dual Intel Xeon V1 and V2 processors with speeds of up to 3.33 GHz, memory of up to 768 GB and up to 96 TB of capacity.

Media Servers and Storage
For businesses and IT departments that stream, broadcast or store video on demand or other large media files, customized media servers provide the fast processing and file storage you need. These servers are powered by Adobe Media Server software, which allows you to deliver HD-quality videos to large audiences and include additional features such as dynamic media encryption to ensure broadcasts are safe.

Aventis Systems offers several media servers including Dell PowerEdge R510 Media Server Basic, Dell PowerEdge R720XD Media Server Advanced and Dell PowerEdge R730XD Media Server Superior.

We also offer media server and storage combinations for superior storing capabilities. These include Dell PowerEdge R710 and PowerVault MD1200 Media Server and Storage Basic, HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 and StorageWorks D2600 Media Server and Storage Advanced and Dell PowerEdge R730XD and PowerVault MD1400 Media Server and Storage Superior.

Virtualization Host Servers and Clusters
Virtualization servers make it easy to simplify data management. With the right virtualization host server, you can significantly reduce your infrastructure needs and overall hardware operating costs.

Virtualization host servers from Aventis are available in customized Basic, Advanced and Superior configurations and include many upgrade options such as hypervisors or SD cards that are preloaded with a hypervisor.

Virtualization Server Clusters enable you to leverage VMware vSphere’s vMotion to improve load balancing, reactive fault tolerance and higher availability. Also available in Basic, Advanced and Superior configurations, these customized clusters already meet VMware hardware requirements and are ready to plug and play.

SQL Servers
Because it involves storing your business’s mission-critical application data, choosing the right SQL host specifications is critical. Turnkey SQL servers from Aventis are configured for speed and high performance and include dual Intel Xeon processors and plenty of SSD storage.

Each customized SQL server configuration comes installed with a single server license of Microsoft SQL 2017, and upgrades are available to each configurations’ components to meet your business’s specific query and database hardware requirements. SQL server solutions are available in three configurations: Dell PowerEdge R710 SQL Server Basic, HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 SQL Server Advanced and Dell PowerEdge R730XD SQL Server Superior.

All Aventis Systems’s turnkey server solutions include a comprehensive three-year Aventis Essentials Warranty with upgrades available for next-business-day parts replacement and extended warranties, as well as onsite hardware support.

Looking for a plug-and-play server solution to power your file storage, applications, virtualization or media broadcasting? Contact our team of experts today at 1-855-AVENTIS, and we’ll help you find the turnkey server solution that is the perfect fit for your business.