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Aventis Systems, Inc. Gets Exclusive Access to New HTC Vive Pro Eye

June 14, 2019 Aventis Systems, Inc., Aventis Systems, Inc., a leading provider of information technology hardware, software, and services has gained exclusive access to the new release of the HTC Vive Pro Eye with precision eye tracking.

HTC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smartphones, and in 2016 they debuted there very first virtual reality headset, The Vive. Since then, they have released a number of models for both general and enterprise consumers but none of them compare to this past weeks release of the Vive Pro Eye, the first of its kind to feature eye-tracking software.

“This is an extremely exciting opportunity,” states Shayan Lamei, purchasing specialist at Aventis Systems. “We have an ongoing deep relationship with HTC so we are able to get our hands on the first release of the Vive Pro Eye for our customers. Not only are we able to give our customers this exclusive product, but this sets Aventis apart in the VR retailer space as we were the only non-big box retailer to get access to the first release”

Unlike HTC’s older VR headset models, the HTC Vive Pro Eye uses Tobii technology to track and record the user's eyeball movements. This headset also features foveated rendering that enhances the resolution in areas where their eyes are gazing, lessening resources and processing power in the peripheral vision. Through these state-of-the-art technologies, users are able to control aspects within their selected VR environment by simply moving their eyes, leaving the handheld controllers completely optional.

Geared toward the enterprise consumer, the HTC Vive Pro Eye provides a completely immersive experience on the front end along with performance feedback regarding the user on the back-end. Through tracking and heat mapping eye movement, businesses can get invaluable data regarding users gaze, attention, and focus. This data can be applied in research of consumer or employee behavior for deeper data analysis. Some use cases that enterprise consumers can experience with this headset are:

  • Training for public speaking engagements
  • Research in the consumer purchase process
  • Pre-launch product demonstrations
  • Medical field implementation
  • Corporate immersive training programs
  • Custom VR software specific to your business goals

They are now available to the public on the Aventis Systems website and on Amazon.

About Aventis Systems
Aventis Systems, Inc. is the only GSA approved vendor to distribute HTC VR products to the United States Government. They also offer custom IT solutions to build and operate complete physical and virtual infrastructures. The comprehensive solutions include high-quality refurbished and new hardware, system, and application software, and an array of in-depth managed services including infrastructure consultation, cloud hosting, and migration, virtualization deployment, data and disaster recovery, security consultation, hardware relocation, and equipment buyback. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aventis Systems fulfills technology requirements of IT professionals within various industries across the globe. From partnering with consultants and managed service providers to being the provider-of-choice for end-users from small to medium-sized businesses, educational, non-profit and government organizations, Aventis Systems goes above and beyond other value-added resellers because they “Get IT Done.”

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