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Dell PowerEdge M915 Blade Servers

The Dell PowerEdge M915 blade server offers enterprise class performance created to be ideal for mission critical applications, such as high-end databases and dense data center environments. As full-height server blade in Dell's M-Series, up to 8 total M915's can fit in the M1000e. The Dell M1000e enclosure supports multiple models and generations installed simultaneously to accommodate varying application demands with an appropriate hardware solution. With their modular design, Dell PowerEdge blade servers are perfect solution for customers interested in running robust virtual machines and get the benefits of a consolidated solution. The shared infrastructure of the M1000e enclosure includes power supplies, fans, I/O modules and backplanes for improved power efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The robust and powerful Dell PowerEdge M915 Blade delivers top performance for compute intensive tasks with four AMD Opteron 6100, 6200, and 6300 product family processors with up to sixteen cores and 16MB cache per CPU. The unparalleled density of the M915 server blade lends itself perfectly to virtualization, supporting 32-DIMM memory capacity for a total of up to 1TB running at 1333MHz. Storage options include up to two SAS, SATA, or Solid State drives, as well as dual internal secure digital (SD) cards. Aventis Systems includes the H200 6Gb/s hardware RAID controller standard with our M915 systems. Ethernet and fibre channel mezzanine network adapters allow for network flexibility and scalability for future requirements.

Aventis Systems carries Aventis Certified Reconditioned Dell PowerEdge M915 Blade servers. All servers from Aventis System include a 3 year Comprehensive Warranty, with eligibility for optional Express, Extended, and Secure Drive Warranties as well as Onsite Services.


  • Chassis: Full-Height Blade Server
  • Processor:Up to 4, AMD Opteron processor 6100 and 6200 series family
    • Core Count: 12-Core, 16-Core
    • Maximum Cache: 16MB
    • Maximum Clock Speed: 2.6GHz
  • Memory:
    • DIMM Slots: 32
    • Maximum Capacity: 1TB
    • Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-10600 Registered
    • Maximum Memory Speed: 1333MHz
  • Storage:
    • Hard Drive Options: Up to 2, 2.5” SAS, SATA, or SSD
    • Maximum Internal Storage: 4TB standard
    • Maximum Throughput: 6Gb/s
  • Network Controller: Broadcom 57810S 10GbE Dual Port Ethernet Daughter Network Card
  • Power Supply: Supplied by M1000e Blade Enclosure

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