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Dell PowerEdge 830 Tower Servers

Whether you're a small business looking for a first server, a retail shop, or have remote locations in need of local computing support, the Dell PowerEdge 830 tower server is a great value option. Powered by an Intel Pentium processor, up to 8GB RAM and up to 8TB of SATA storage, the Dell PowerEdge 830 has plenty of scalability for most small business applications. And despite its small footprint, the PowerEdge 830 still finds the room to include two PCIe slots, two PCI-X slots, and a 32-bit PCI slot. For the small business or remote office looking to provide local messaging, file/print, web and workgroup applications, the Dell PowerEdge 830 provides the right mixture of performance and value.

Aventis Systems carries Aventis Certified Reconditioned Dell PowerEdge 830 servers. All servers from Aventis System include a 3 year Comprehensive Warranty, with eligibility for optional Express warranties and onsite services.


  • Chassis: Tower
  • Processor: Up to 1, Intel Celeron D, Pentium 4, or Pentium D series processors
    • Core Count: Single, Dual-Core
    • Maximum Cache: 4MB
    • Maximum Clock Speed: 3.4GHz
  • Memory:
    • DIMM Slots: 4
    • Maximum Capacity: 8GB
    • Memory Type: DDR2 PC2-4200 ECC
    • Maximum Memory Speed: 533 MHz
  • Storage:
    • Hard Drive Options: Up to 4, 3.5" SATA
    • Maximum Internal Storage: 32TB standard
    • Maximum Throughput: 1.5Gb/s
  • Network Controller: Single embedded Gigabit NICs
  • Expansion Slots: Five total. Two PCI Express slots (1x8 lane and 1x1 lane); two PCI-X slots (64-bit/133MHz, 3.3v); one PCI slot (32-bit/33MHz)
  • Power Supply: Single power supply