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Aventis Systems Announces First eBook: The True Cost of Hiring IT Professionals

ATLANTAMarch 19, 2021 Cortavo by Aventis Systems, Inc., an all-inclusive managed technology provider exclusively for small businesses, announced the release of their first eBook titled "Managed IT Services: Better Than Hiring an IT Pro?" This eBook divulges the true cost of hiring an IT professional within a small business and presents managed IT services as an alternate option. In addition, the pros and cons of each option are weighed, giving small business owners a definitive guide to making an informed decision as to which is the best for their organization.

Tom Lasswell, Vice President of IT operations for Cortavo, states "When smaller businesses start to experience growth that leads them to consider hiring an IT person, it's such a whirlwind. With so many technical obstacles being thrown at growing companies, most business leaders see hiring IT personnel as the only option. While for some businesses, hiring an IT person may work, most companies need a more cost-effective and robust technical solution with a wide range of technical aptitude to safeguard their technology investment and foster growth."

In this eBook, those thinking about an IT professional can gain knowledge in:

● What an IT professional does and why it's impossible for one person to do it all

● How much it truly costs to hire an IT professional

● Why business leaders expectations of an IT person aren't typically what they get

● Other ways IT needs can be addressed without hiring an IT professional

About Cortavo by Aventis Systems

Cortavo is an all-inclusive ITaaS solution created by Aventis Systems. Founded in 2008 and based in Atlanta, GA, Cortavo provides all the hardware, software, and cloud services necessary to address small businesses' technology needs and challenges at a predictable monthly cost. Cortavo manages technology expansion and supports thousands of small business employees throughout the southeastern United States.

Call 1-866-CORTAVO, visit www.Cortavo.com or connect with Cortavo by Aventis Systems on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.