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Aventis Systems, Inc. Unveils Mobile-Responsive Website with New Features to Enhance User Experience

— April 27, 2018 — Aventis Systems, Inc., a leading provider of information technology hardware, software and services today announced the new mobile responsive website, www.AventisSystems.com.

The new site is now completely mobile responsive, allowing users easy access -- and the same experience -- from their mobile devices, tablets or desktops, for optimized viewing, searches, downloads, and purchases.

"Obviously, people are now tied in their mobile devices, and business isn't just happening in an office, so it was imperative that our current and future clients have full access and usability of our website to browse our products and services across all their devices," said Hesam Lamei, Founder and CEO of Aventis Systems.

Aventis Systems also focused on enhancing the user experience by adding several features, including a "Find Your Tech" tool on the homepage. This new tool allows visitors to get the products or services they are looking for right away without having to open and scroll through the site menu, making product navigation faster and easier. Product discovery filters were also added to all product pages, allowing users to discover the best products to fit their needs quickly, taking them right to the product specifications.

Finally, Aventis Systems' enhanced website now offers a "Save Your Cart" feature which gives customers the opportunity to save their shopping cart and view it again later when they're ready to purchase. The feature also allows for business collaboration and can be shared with colleagues who can add items or make changes. This added collaboration saves time by giving co-workers the ability to share IT needs, add to them, as well as quickly receive purchase approval from a manager without the hassle of screenshots or long email chains.

About Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems, Inc. offers custom IT solutions to build and operate complete physical and virtual infrastructures. The comprehensive solutions include high-quality refurbished and new hardware, system, and application software, and an array of in-depth managed services including infrastructure consultation, cloud hosting and migration, virtualization deployment, data and disaster recovery, security consultation, hardware relocation, and equipment buyback. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Aventis Systems fulfills technology requirements of IT professionals within various industries across the globe. From partnering with consultants and managed service providers to being the provider-of-choice for end-users from small to medium-sized businesses, educational, non-profit and government organizations, Aventis Systems goes above and beyond other value-added resellers because they “Get IT Done.”

Call 1-855-AVENTIS (283-6847), visit www.AventisSystems.com or connect with Aventis Systems on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.