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APC Select Partner

As an APC Select Partner, Aventis Systems makes sure your systems have guaranteed protection. Over the years APC has become the industry-standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. They know that the base for all IT infrastructure starts with energy management and have dedicated themselves to making that as easy as possible for their customers.

Premium Power Protection

Without steady power no IT infrastructure can last. APC has top of the line Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) product lines to handle power management.

The Smart-UPS On-Line products provide high density, true double-conversion on-line power protection for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. The Smart-UPS On-Line family provides customers with a reliable source of uninterruptible power even in demanding power environments. Smart-UPS On-Line can be configured to comply with aggressive runtime demands and the included PowerChute management software provides additional capabilities to allow for better control of your power.

The Back-UPS Pro family is the perfect solution for your home or small business. It offers guaranteed power protection for high performance computer systems, networking, external storage devices, and other electronics. The Back-UPS Pro family supply electronics with abundant battery backup during outages and stabilize unsafe voltage levels and can use management software so you get the most out of your UPS.

Reliable Rackmount Environments

Making the most of the space you have for your IT infrastructure is also a big priority for APC. Your equipments needs to be safe, powered, and cooled which is why APC has created a full line of racks and rock enclosures to fit every businesses needs.

The NetShelter CX server enclosure is an ultra-portable, secure, economic, plug-and-play IT solution designed for branch offices, small offices and any non-IT space where there isn’t the room to build a dedicated server room. Just place it in your office, put your equipment inside, plug it in, and close the doors. This is the perfect “Server Room in a Box” to fit any small businesses needs.

The NetShelter SV is the type of rack that most IT professionals are used to. It maintains a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, and cable management to provide a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment. The NetShelter SV even allows for some great optional features like side panels.

The NetShelter SX is a multifunctional rack enclosure designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast and even audio-video. The NetShelter SX rack enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment with a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring.