Constructing Your IT Department [eBook]

Your small or mid-sized business has the same basic IT infrastructure needs as larger companies, but you may not have an IT budget as large as an enterprise enjoys. According to Ray Boggs, Vice President at research firm IDC, small and mid-sized businesses will spend nearly $161.1 billion on information technology in 2015. Even though there are millions of SMBs, that number represents a big chunk of any one company's revenue. When the time comes to buy IT hardware, you'll want to be sure you spend wisely on the right hardware, and with support for Windows Server 2003 ending soon, it may just be the right time to upgrade. In this ebook, you will learn about the basic IT equipment your SMB needs to function. Additionally, the ebook contains a checklist that includes every piece of hardware and software your IT department needs

Data Security Threats for SMBs

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