CenergyIT Discovers Valuable "Synergy" with Aventis Systems

CenergyIT is one of the largest hosting providers for e-MDs in the United States. They host data for large electronic medical records for practices all around the country, and also have tools for sales and education. CenergyIT focuses on products that use video technologies, requiring the ability to handle large data files, and they also offer consulting services for development and infrastructure builds. As part of the infrastructure builds, CenergyIT offers disaster recovery designs and infrastructure design and builds, and can rack, network, install, and configure hardware and software needs in a data center. They also offer custom development, project management, and can provide staff augmentation and resources as needed.

Finding an IT Partner

CenergyIT was referred to Aventis Systems by a close friend, about five years ago. They liked the variety of both new and refurbished hardware equipment, and Aventis Systems' IT services and support really stood out from other providers. "Nearly every piece of IT equipment we own we've purchased through Aventis Systems," said Haywood Pulliam, President and CEO of CenergyIT. "They help us with issues we encounter on build outs, assist us in recovering critical data, and recommend both hardware and software solutions to meet our needs."

Aventis Advanced IT Services

Aventis Advanced IT Services is an all-encompassing portfolio designed with the most pressing needs of the small- to medium-sized organization. The services are tailored to the hardware, software and virtual environments running the applications, as well as the necessary support and maintenance. These services include:

  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Support Solutions
  • Server & Storage Solutions
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Software Implementation
  • Network & Security Solutions

Ramping Up

CenergyIT has utilized Aventis Advanced IT Services with a wide scope of products and services over the years. They advise on hardware purchases, install equipment and deploy certified Aventis Systems engineers to work on their data center and assist with huge migration projects, build-outs and migration projects. "The biggest role Aventis Systems initially played was helping us rapidly put our infrastructure in place. It gave us peace of mind knowing they would help with any issues with installation and establishing our infrastructure," said Pulliam.

Supporting Mission Critical Data

Once the infrastructure was established, Aventis Systems became an ongoing partner and advisor to CenergyIT. The relationship expanded beyond building the infrastructure to include data recovery, data migration, troubleshooting and virtual machine deployment services. CenergyIT deals with mission critical data on a day-to-day basis, thus providing access to this data is imperative. In some cases, there are thousands of users relying on access to the data, so time is of the essence. This support ranges from deploying replacement products when hardware has failed to onsite support. On three different occasions, CenergyIT has had situations where systems would not come back online and Aventis Systems responded onsite. "Aventis Systems' engineers have the ability to go directly to our data center for mission critical issues and have assisted us with data recovery and migration," added Pulliam. "It is nice to be able to call in the experts and trust they will take care of things and get us quickly back up and running again. It also saves critical time, as we would otherwise have to take the hardware in, replace it or remedy the issue, and then return to the data center for installation. Instead, they show up with everything they might need, take care of our issues, backup our data and get us back online as quickly as possible."

In another instance, CenergyIT discovered some issues with legacy hardware that was causing problems for the network. Aventis Systems was able to move all of the data off the server, address the problem with a new RAID controller and recover the data without instance. "When the Aventis Systems team walks in our doors, they are knowledgeable about our infrastructure and know what they are dealing with," comments Pulliam. Most recently, Aventis Systems has helped CenergyIT virtualize and upgrade some older machines that existing clients had purchased, as they not only host electronic medical records, but also have local clients. In these instances, CenergyIT was unable to locate drivers for the old hardware, so Aventis Systems helped virtualize the groups so they could move them to updated drivers and get the client back online.

Unsurpassed Customer Support

CenergyIT hosts a private cloud to manage and secure critical client data. "Aventis Systems is available when we need them, no matter the hour," Pulliam added. "Even if it is after hours, they are always accommodating to our needs. Sometimes after hours is the only time to service our customers and Aventis Systems is always there. There have been several occasions where we have had hardware issues, and they are there to take care of the problem and get us back up and running. That type of speed is critical for our customers and it’s nice to have a partner who takes our needs seriously."

"Aventis Systems is a one-stop shop for us and we feel they can handle pretty much any issue that arises," concluded Pulliam. "Over the course of five years, we have nothing negative to say and that's unusual with a company you have partnered with for such a long time, but I can say that about Aventis Systems. The owner, Hesam Lamei, has always been very open to our needs and really listens to what we say and do. Aventis Systems is a very well run company, with responsive engineers. Anytime I've needed anything, I've gotten rapid responses. I couldn't ask for a better IT solution partner."

Leveraging Relationships for Future Planning

The relationship formed between the organizations continues to grow, with plans for virtualization services and numerous upgrades in the works. Aventis Systems' customer-focused services has played an integral role in building a successful, customized IT solution for CenergyIT. "Aventis System makes us feel important and treats us like we are the most significant customer on the planet, unlike our experiences in the past where we were just a number," said Haywood Pulliam, President and CEO of CenergyIT. "They have shown us how to improve our processes, helped us grow, and have assisted us in many critical situations over the years. They are truly a valued business partner."

About Aventis Systems

Aventis Systems, Inc. is one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. The Atlanta-based company specializes in Dell and HP lines of servers and storage units, as well as Cisco networking equipment. The Company also offers a full suite of business class workstations, desktops, laptops and all hardware components necessary for upgrades.

Aventis Systems' mission is to build long-lasting relationships with customers by offering an extensive plan designed to cover their IT needs. Aventis Systems starts by leveraging experienced sales and engineering professionals to evaluate customers’ infrastructures in order to craft the most cost-effective solutions. Due to the company's expansive inventory, Aventis Systems delivers these solutions with the shortest build and ship times in the industry. Additionally, the Company offers onsite installation services for customers across the continental U.S. so that they can implement their projects as quickly as possible. All Aventis Systems customers are covered by comprehensive warranties which include access to dedicated, domestic technical support. Optional maintenance service plans are provided by certified technicians with onsite response times as short as two hours. Finally, to further simplify the purchasing process, Aventis Systems offers equipment trade-in and financing options. For more information on Aventis Systems, please contact 1-866-528-9313, visit www.AventisSystems.com, or connect with them on LinkedIn.